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Rookie Tackle Football

Designed by USA Football, the Rookie Tackle model is part of the Youth Football Player Development Pathway, which serves as a bridge game from flag to traditional 11-player tackle football.  

Unlike traditional 11-player tackle, all players will have the opportunity to learn and play multiple positions. A 7-on-7 format allows for higher coach-to-player ratio leading to advanced player skill development. Another noticeable difference is the smaller field (40 x 35 1/3 to fit the right age, right stage of the player.

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NFL FLAG Powered by USA Football provides opportunities for children age 5-17 to enjoy America's favorite sport. Players benefit by being physically active through non-contact, continuous action while learning the fundamentals of football, lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Jersey Days

Browns offer Jersey Days at Training Camp, a program focused on the young athletes who love the game like we do!

The Browns are proud to support area youth and high school football programs and want to recognize players and teams. Jersey Days is a Training Camp opportunity designed specifically for football teams. Teams to receive group tickets for their squad! When they register for Jerseys Days, we expect their teams to show their team pride, too, by wearing their youth or high school football jerseys to camp. Players wearing youth football jerseys on their registered day receive a complimentary gift and Gatorade when they stop by the Browns Give Back Tent located north of the grandstands. Register Online

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