Special Teams Package

Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K), Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) and the Cleveland Browns Foundation teamed up to find a better way to deliver clothes and school uniforms to students experiencing severe economic hardship, in an effort to improve school attendance.

To do so, they created a new program – Special Teams Package – that provides quick delivery of a customized package containing school uniforms, casual clothes, a shoe gift card and other items to students identified through the CMSD’s Project ACT program.

SC4K expects to serve up to 2,000 students through this program and CMSD will track attendance for students who receive a Special Teams Packages as part of the “Get 2 School, You Can Make It!” attendance campaign to evaluate the impact of new clothing on school attendance. Through its research, CMSD learned students who are chronically absent are linked to lower academic performance and graduation rates and is striving to reduce chronic absenteeism and address barriers to school attendance through the campaign, along with the support of the Cleveland Browns Foundation.

Shoes and Clothes for Kids is the only non-profit organization in Greater Cleveland providing new shoes, clothes and school uniforms throughout the year to thousands of children in need, at no charge.  Providing these brand new items to children is essential to their self-confidence and educational success. In order to provide these resources, SC4K relies heavily on the financial and in-kind support of a wide variety of donors including individuals, foundations, corporations, media, professional sports teams and other organizations.

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