Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish made it a priority to expand the county’s successful Universal Pre-kindergarten program (UPK) and double the number of spots for children from 2,000 to 4,000. He viewed its growth as a transformational action to improve the quality of life and future of our community. Through the leadership and generosity of organizations like The Cleveland Browns Foundation, PNC Bank and others, that vision is becoming a reality.
Cuyahoga County’s early childhood public/private partnership known as Invest in Children, launched the county's nationally recognized UPK program in 2007.  The program has created a new gold standard of high-quality preschool, and is making a high-quality experience accessible to low and moderate income families, while improving school readiness among disadvantaged children.  In fact, children enrolled in Cuyahoga County UPK are significantly more prepared for kindergarten and are 30 percent more likely to pass third grade reading proficiency tests – a critical indicator of whether a child will graduate from high school. Further, disadvantaged children in UPK classrooms on average show a 55-percent improvement in foundational school readiness skills.
The Cleveland Browns Foundation is proud to support the community-wide effort to expand access to high-quality preschool by investing in two new classrooms in Glenville. The Glenville Early Learning Center is located in one of Cleveland’s most impoverished neighborhoods, and this center alone will offer 40 spots to neighborhood children. It is important that are young children start school ready to learn, graduate high school and pursue their dreams.

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