Ask Vic: Campbell’s ‘good’ work key

Posted Nov 12, 2013

Senior Editor Vic Carucci answers fan questions from the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and

You’ve got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and Here’s what I have to say about what you have to say:

Dennis says: “I have said all season that even an average quarterback will make this great team shine!!! Jason Campbell is not GREAT, but he is GOOD.”

I say: I’ve said this before, Dennis, with regard to Campbell: Good can be good enough for the Browns.

As long as the definition of “good” is avoiding big mistakes while occasionally making some big plays with his passing arm, Campbell is more than capable of leading the Browns to multiple victories through their final seven games. In Campbell’s case, “good” also means providing solid leadership and a sense of poise that keeps the rest offense from panicking when things aren’t going well.

We’ve seen what happens when the Browns don’t have, at a minimum, good play from the quarterback position. It is something they simply can’t overcome, even with one of the stronger defenses in the NFL.

By the way, I wouldn’t rule out Campbell proving to be better than good by the end of the season.

Dan says: “You have to love when a guy shows he has guts. Jason Campbell, you are just what we need. You fit our city and our team, and we love it! Glad to have you as a Brown. Hope you stick around for a long time.”

I say: I agree with your sentiment, Dan.

It wasn’t only his three touchdown passes that made Campbell’s performance in the Browns’ Week 9 victory against the Ravens so memorable. It was the fact he did so with excruciating pain from bruised ribs. It was the fact he basically willed himself back into action after missing four plays, and said after the game that someone would have had to pull him off the field to get him out of the game.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Campbell embodies the stout-hearted nature of Browns fans, making it easy for them to relate to him. 

Given that Campbell is a nine-year veteran, it's hard to view him as someone who would "stick around for a long time," but it's fair to expect him to be a strong candidate, along with Brian Hoyer (presuming he fully recovers from major knee surgery), to serve as a temporary answer at quarterback until the Browns' long-term answer at the position (likely to be drafted in May) is ready to start.

Tyler says: “Really happy with the front office and the coaching staff. Finally, years of painful seasons are coming to an end!”

I say: I hope you’re right, Tyler.

I do think the Browns are capable of taking advantage of an opportunity on Sunday to dramatically change their perception nationally and locally.

By sweeping the season series against the Bengals, they can effectively erase years of wearing the label of irrelevance and assume the look of a legitimate contender. They already have earned plenty of respect for ending an 11-game losing streak to the Ravens and for having one of the top defenses in the NFL and for being in striking distance of the AFC North lead despite starting three different quarterbacks through the first half of the season.

If they can win both regular-season games against a club that multiple league observers, such as ESPN’s John Clayton, have said was poised to “run away” with the division, they will significantly climb the ladder of credibility.

Case says: “No one is saying it, but Buster Skrine is playing like a starting CB now. That makes all the difference on D. Also, Phil Taylor for President!!!”

I say: Actually, Case, I’ve said it and I have heard the same from others in the media.

But thanks for mentioning it again. I’m sure Buster appreciates it as well.

As for Taylor, don’t you think a more appropriate title would be “Secretary of Defense?”

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