Ask Vic: Can Browns split 2nd half?

Posted Oct 31, 2013

Senior Editor Vic Carucci answers fan questions from the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and

You’ve got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and Here’s what I have to say about what you have to say: 

Casey says: “As a loyal fan from Cincinnati, do you see the Browns going at least .500 now with Jason Campbell?”

I say: I think it’s reasonable to expect the Browns to win at least half of their remaining games, Casey.

And the conversation about their ability to do so clearly begins with Campbell.

At the very least, he should continue to provide competent quarterbacking, which, as we saw in last Sunday’s loss at Kansas City, was good enough to put the Browns in a position to win at the end. Campbell’s experience and professionalism have had a significantly positive impact on the rest of the team, not just the rest of the offense. His ability to make plays and the playmakers he has at his disposal – Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron – are capable of allowing the Browns to have success against the best of defenses they’ll face.

As long as the Browns remain as inspired as they looked in the second half against the Chiefs, they will have a chance to beat every opponent left on their schedule. And I don’t see any unbeatable teams on that list.

Winning four games is realistic. A case could be made for five or more victories.

The key is that the Browns, despite being a young team, show the proper level of maturity to build upon the promising performance they have through the final two quarters at Kansas City. And although it’s admirable that, after a poor first half, their defense regrouped in fiery fashion at halftime, they shouldn’t need to go to such measures.

They need to figure out how to start as fast as they finished against the Chiefs. That’s their biggest obstacle through the balance of the season.

Kevin says: “During the ‘After Further Review’ segment on ‘Cleveland Browns Daily,’ you and Nathan said you see four more wins for the Browns. Fact or fiction: They make the playoffs.”

I say: I’m not at all ready to go there, Kevin. Not with the Browns having lost their last three games.

Although I feel optimistic about Sunday’s game against the Ravens, I need to see this team prove it can win another game before I’ll even entertain the thought that they could make what would only be described as a miraculous run to the postseason.

I think the best-case scenario is that the Browns have a respectable finish and create a promising foundation.

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