Ask Vic: Hoyer merits second start

Posted Sep 23, 2013

Senior Editor Vic Carucci answers fan questions from the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and

You’ve got questions and comments that you submit to the Browns’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, and Here’s what I have to say about what you have to say:

Randal says: “Brian Hoyer earned the right to start against Cincy. He understands AFC North rivalries, he’s the Browns’ favorite son!!!!”

I say: I agree that Hoyer deserves a second start, Randal, but it has far more to do with what he showed on the field in Sunday’s win against the Vikings than it does with the depth of his knowledge of divisional rivalries or anything else related to the fact that he is a Cleveland native.

The hometown connection makes for a tremendous story.

The fact that he performed well enough to help the Browns win their first game of the season, which included leading them to the winning score that he delivered with his touchdown throw to Jordan Cameron, is the only (or at least primary) reason he would figure to remain in the starting spot for Sunday’s game against Cincinnati.

Hoyer made his share of mistakes, but showed the necessary poise to shake them off and deliver difference-making throw after difference-making throw. As the coaches expected, his quick and mostly correct decisions on where to go with his passes and the little time wasted in getting the ball out of his hand helped mitigate the protection issues that were a major problem through the first two games. That will work in his favor as coach Rob Chudzinski ponders his decision, which, of course, could be moot if Weeden isn’t medically cleared from his thumb injury.

Michael says: “I’m liking the hire of Chud as head coach more and more. There is something about hiring a guy that understands Cleveland and gets the passion of fans for the Browns. I know every city loves their NFL team, but Cleveland is different. I hope he stays here awhile.”

I say: The best part about that passion, Michael, is that it’s genuine.

Chudzinski isn’t attempting to curry favor from fans by letting them know he’s one of them. He truly is one of them. And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he is driven by the desire to finally give the Browns’ faithful something in which they can take tremendous pride.

I think it’s also easy to like and admire a coach who is willing to be as aggressive as he was with his game plan and game-calling against the Vikings.

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