Backers give back in Warren

Posted Jun 28, 2012

The Growlin’ Howland Browns Backers made a special trip to a children’s hospital to deliver gifts to the patients on Wednesday afternoon.

Being a member of the Browns Backers Worldwide, the official fan club of the Cleveland Browns, requires more than just a commitment to the team on Sunday afternoons during the regular season.

It also signifies a commitment to the communities of Cleveland and the hometowns of the satellite clubs.

Members of the Growlin’ Howland Browns Backers showed their commitment to the Warren, Ohio, community when they visited the Children’s Rehabilitation Center and delivered toys and gifts to the patients at the hospital.

“Let me tell you, we all just felt like crying,” Growlin’ Howland member Robbin Williams said after the visit. “It was a blessing that we were able to be there and provide so many toys and books. They were so happy; it was like Christmas all over again. They just wanted to rip into the toys and could not wait to get in there and see all the toys that we bought, the coloring books, the crayons, the paint, video games.

“There were a lot of fun things and learning things too that they’ll definitely benefit from. All of us just felt so good. The kids were so welcoming and the people that run the facility took us on a tour and we were able to see where all of our hard work went to. The payback was seeing all of the kids light up and how they appreciated the simple things.”

In addition to the gifts from the Browns Backers, the children had a chance to spend part of the afternoon with Chomps, the Browns mascot.

“We’re always proud of the work that the Growlin’ Howland Browns Backers do in the community each year, but particularly when it’s something like this that benefits so many children and such a worthwhile facility,” said Michele DeScioli, manager of Browns Backers Worldwide.

The Growlin’ Howland Browns Backers held a golf outing back on June 2 to raise the necessary funds for the children’s hospital. At the golf outing, they had a 50/50 raffle, silent auction and beverage sale. In all, the club raised nearly $2,000 at the event.

“We tried everything to raise as much as we could,” William said. “We went to a lot of stores because we wanted to get as much bang for our buck, so we could provide as much as we can. These children have disabilities and need a lot of physical therapy. We were so glad we could provide so many toys and things that they need. There were so many things they needed for the kids that we weren’t aware of.”

Giving back to the community is important to all Browns Backers Worldwide clubs, and that is particularly true for the Growlin’ Howland Browns Backers.

“You have to give back to your community,” Williams said. “We’re all blessed people that are in our group and we’re not hurting for money. It’s so nice that we can all get together and just go and buy what they needed. It’s good for all of us. We were thanking them and they were like, ‘No, no. We’re thanking you.’ It’s so important to let your community know that the Browns care and we love our community that we live in and support.”

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