Banner: 'We'll give Weeden best chance to win'

Posted Feb 23, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS -- Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner said the team will give quarterback Brandon Weeden every chance to win.

INDIANAPOLIS -- In a Saturday morning breakfast with the Cleveland media, Browns chief executive officer Joe Banner said he and the front office want quarterback Brandon Weeden to get what he needs to reach a level of success in the NFL.

“We want to give him the best chance to succeed, and we have a huge, vested interest in him being successful,” Banner said. “We think that we’re bringing in coaches that can maximize that. We think we have some existing benefits.

“I think the most valuable thing a quarterback can have is an offensive line that’s good. He’s in the unusual position of coming in as a rookie and inheriting a team that has a good offensive line. It will accelerate our ability to get where we want to get to if he succeeds.”

Weeden completed 297 of 517 attempts for 3,385 yards and 14 touchdowns against 17 interceptions, and was sacked 28 times for 186 lost yards in 15 starts with the Browns last fall. He set team records for passing yards in a season, wins (five), and passing yards in a game (364 in a 20-17 win at the Oakland Raiders on Dec. 2).

Weeden also completed 48 passes for 20 yards or more, and six that went for at least 40, including 71- and 62-yard touchdowns to rookie wide receiver, Josh Gordon.

“These guys have shown some potential, but if they flattened at the level they’re at now, or didn’t have the determination to be the best they can be in terms of work ethic and things like that, they probably won’t be good enough to be on a team that’s going to try and win a championship,” Banner said of Weeden and Gordon. “They seem to have the ability. If they’re willing to make the commitment, take the coaching, be part of the culture that we’re going to create in the organization, which is going to be a very physical, determined, hard-working group, maybe they can be part of that caliber of a team.”

During the offseason, the Browns added Rob Chudzinski (head coach) and Norv Turner (offensive coordinator) to the coaching staff. Chudzinski was the Browns’ offensive coordinator in 2007, when quarterback Derek Anderson had a Pro Bowl season and led the team to 10 wins. Turner was the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys during part of their run to three Super Bowl rings in four years in the early 1990’s.

“We see potential that we’ll try to work with and see what it’s going to develop into,” Banner said. “Some of it is going to come with how bad he wants it. I think we’ll know more than we know now, shortly. My impression was that he took coaching well. I’m hoping that will be a very positive thing.

“I feel they can work with Brandon. He’s got a lot of redeeming qualities, and most of the time, you see a big improvement from year one to year two. He’s in the kind of window that we need to see the development if he’s going to be the long-term answer.”

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