Brown scores on fumble return

Posted Aug 13, 2011

Linebacker Titus Brown scored on a 43-yard fumble return for a touchdown in Saturday’s 27-17 win over the Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

There were a lot of firsts for the Browns in Saturday night’s 27-17 win over the Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

It was their first game under new head coach Pat Shurmur. It was their first win of the preseason. And for linebacker Titus Brown, it was the first time he has reached the end zone.

On the Packers’ first drive of the third quarter, quarterback Graham Harrell dropped back to pass on second-and-seven from the Browns’ 40-yard line when linebacker Brian Smith registered a sack and knocked the ball loose. Brown scooped it up and raced 43 yards for the touchdown.

“It was a great call by Coach (Dick) Jauron,” Brown said. “He always puts us in the best position to make plays and we just went out and instituted them. Smith came in and around and knocked the ball out; I was there to scoop it. Really, he gets all the glory and I just ran it in.”

Brown, who said it was his first-ever touchdown, had the touchdown ball in his bag after the game and proudly displayed it to reporters.

During the play, Brown displayed some speed on his way to the end zone.

“Now, I have to listen to all the noise about him playing offense,” Shurmur joked. “That was a great play and really, when you look at things statistically, it’s an even game except for that play and then, you end up winning by at least a touchdown. Those are the types of things you need to do. You need to score on defense; you need to score on special teams and we found a way to do it.

“He’s a fun guy to be around,” Shurmur added. “Life’s fun for him and he works very hard. He’s a big, physical linebacker. I was kind of watching because if he would’ve gotten tracked down, it would have been worse. His buddies would’ve gotten on him pretty good.”

Brown finished with four total tackles, including one stop for a loss. Smith registered that one tackle on Harrell for a loss of 17 yards.

“It felt good. One of the biggest things, being an undrafted rookie, you want to come in and make a play early, put that film around there for the league,” Smith said. “It was very encouraging getting a lot of good feedback from a lot of the players saying, ‘Great play. You’re setting yourself up for great things in this league.’”

Smith made the sack on Harrell after finding a way to settle into the calls.

“There were a couple times I came in on blitzes today -- before that play -- where I might have been a little tentative and held back a little bit trying to find the right crease,” Smith said. “Coach Jauron kept dialing them up and we tried to execute it well. I got in and he took care of the rest.”

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