Browns-Chiefs a family affair for Schwartz

Posted Oct 26, 2013

Cleveland Browns right tackle Mitchell Schwartz will match up against his brother, Geoff, and the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.

Football is a sport that brings family and complete strangers together for games every Sunday.

And for Cleveland Browns right tackle Mitchell Schwartz, and his brother, Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Geoff, that has never been more true, as the two will be on opposite sides of Sunday’s inter-divisional game at Arrowhead Stadium.

“He’s on the O-line as well, so we’ll never face each other, so it’s not like a weird thing where one of us has to block the other,” Schwartz said. “It’ll be cool to see him during the season. We never get to see each other in person, so that will be cool.”

Schwartz credited his older brother with being a big influence on him, both on and off the football field.

“It’s been pretty big,” Schwartz said of his older brother’s guidance. “He’s always had a lot more football knowledge than I have, so I’ve been able to use that, especially in college when I knew a lot less than I do now, helping out with that kind of stuff, talking about everything, whether it’s football or other stuff.”

In addition to seeing his brother before and after the game, Schwartz will see his parents, Lee and Olivia, who will be flying into Kansas City from their home near Los Angeles, California, to watch their sons share the football field.

Going to see their two sons play in the NFL is something Schwartz said his parents do as often as possible.

“They go to a decent amount,” Schwartz said. “It’s harder living back in Los Angeles, and us being further away. I think my dad went to all of my college games. I was on the West Coast, so it was easy for them. They try to go to as many as possible, work permitting and also, the travel distance.

“Part of it is how the schedule lines up. If they’re coming out here (to Cleveland), my mom would rather do it earlier in the year. She doesn’t want to sit in bad weather. It depends on what team we’re playing as well. If it’s a team they’ve never seen or a place they’ve never been to, then, they’ll try to get to the different places.”

Although their loyalties will be split for both the Browns and Chiefs, the Schwartz family is definitely having fun leading up to the game. Above all else, they will support 72 in white (Mitchell) and 74 in red (Geoff) equally.

In fact, Schwartz’s mother will be wearing a split jersey that is half-Browns, half-Chiefs.

“I haven’t seen the shirt yet,” Schwartz laughed. “We’ll see on Sunday.”

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