Browns Daily Wrap: Back on the road

Posted Dec 6, 2013

On Friday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura elaborated on the announcement of Jason Campbell returning to the quarterback position and how it will help aid the offense against the New England Patriots on Sunday. Nathan and Vic were joined by Nate Ulrich, from the Akron Beacon Journal, and Je’Rod Cherry to discuss the challenges the Browns will have against the Patriots and what their focuses should be to turn this team around in the offseason.

Browns fullback Chris Ogbonnaya also sat down with Jamir Howerton, of, to give us a feel of what the attitude is like inside the locker room, and to express how this team plans to execute against the talented Patriots.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci:Josh Gordon is having a remarkable season and taking what (offensive coordinator) Norv Turner’s offense does and making it even better. I love this offense for Josh Gordon. Josh Gordon has proved to us that he has what it takes to be one of the all-time greats. …I understand why people feel the way they do about this Browns team and I am not going to try to convince them otherwise. What counts for me are when I hear from guys that have been here for four years and who have been a part of bad football, but they don’t believe this is a bad team. There are reasons for concern and reasons for fans to feel the way they do. In my own way of thinking, I am willing to see how this can go another step. I am particularly curious to see what May brings, because it is what is going to answer, strategically, how they operate through this. How much faith do you have in what is already here and who do you need to bring in?”

Nathan Zegura: “The matchup is still tough and the New England Patriots are still great, but at least we will have Jason Campbell. You look at Norv Turner, who had Phillip Rivers for all those years in San Diego, and coach (Rob) Chudzinski having Cam Newton in Carolina. This is a difficult situation for these coaches to deal with. The quarterback turmoil is tough for any season to overcome. The fact of the matter is that there are young building blocks and there are team members that are getting better. It is going to be a fascinating offseason to see what the building blocks are they feel they need to bring. It is going to be very interesting, and it is going to be very exciting.”

Nate Ulrich: “I think everything for the Patriots centers around (Patriots tight end) Rob Gronkowski and the numbers are there. It is all about him. There is a reason why Coach Chudzinski opened his news conference saying Gronkowski is the best tight end in the league. They have to double-team him and triple-team him. I would look for D’Qwell Jackson and T.J. Ward to give their best shot covering the best tight end in the NFL. …Let’s face it, (Browns general manager) Mike Lombardi is one of (Patriots coach) Bill Belichick’s friends, these guys are close. He’s going to say he knows Mike and his friend knows talent and can evaluate it and Mike has to prove it. I can’t say this team is better than last year, but there is talent on this team and May’s draft is going to be where it all plays out. There are a lot of teams that can pick a (good) first-rounder, but can they pick a team and put the right parts to fit together a certain way.”

Chris Ogbonnaya: “Jason Campbell prepares himself well, he is a veteran and he has done great things to help us win. Every time you get an opportunity to get to play on Sunday, it is an exciting opportunity. It is a privilege to play. We have a great opponent this week in the Patriots and they have a lot of talent. They are solid up front and it will be a great challenge for us and we will be prepared to play. We have been focused on staying on schedule and to be prepared on Sunday.”

Je'Rod Cherry: “These guys need to be very aggressive because we have nothing to lose and they need to take chances. There are a lot of things going against the Browns that the Patriots will look the other way. I find it hard for the Patriots to lose with who their head coach is and who their main leader is in Tom Brady. If you can pressure their offensive line then that can give Tom issues. Do something unorthodox and crazy in order to get to Tom. Stopping (Rob) Gronkowski is going to have to be a combination effort. You cannot stop him one-on-one. You will have to beat him up on the line of scrimmage. Every time he is in the field, chuck him anyway and keep hitting him. Beat him up and make him realize he is in a dog fight today.”

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