Browns Daily Wrap: Bears matchup

Posted Dec 11, 2013

On Wednesday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura spoke highly of the Chicago Bears’ top two wide receivers, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, and the challenge that the Browns’ defense will have against them on Sunday. Scott Petrak, from the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, joined the show to discuss the value of winning rather than focusing on a top draft position.

Jamir Howerton, from, went inside the locker room with defensive back Buster Skrine, who talked about how he is preparing for the Bears’ talented receivers. Former NFL coach Brian Billick, who will be on the television call for Sunday’s game for Fox Sports, joined Vic and Nathan, and gave his thoughts on star Browns receiver Josh Gordon.

Je’Rod Cherry finished out the show by addressing Skrine’s opportunity to build his confidence against the Bears and the importance of leaving a lasting impression on the fan base.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “(Jason) Campbell is coming off of a performance against New England where he really made a statement and that showed me what he can do when he is healthy and the impact that he can have on this offense. I think Norv Turner is a genius for what he has been able to do with the lack of a running game, inconsistent quarterbacks, and essentially only one consistent receiver. …Chicago has a lot of depth in their receivers and as much as the wounds are still felt from the Patriots’ game, these guys need to focus on the challenge that is awaiting them and the deep receiving corps they will be up against. If I’m Cleveland, I want Jay Cutler as quarterback (for the Bears), but regardless of who is back there, the Browns need to make a statement with their last home game and show the crowd what they are truly about.”

Nathan Zegura: “Chicago is a team that features two of the best receiving duos in the league. This is going to be a great test for the defense. They need to find a way to stop this team and keep them out of the end zone. It will be interesting to see who they put on Jeffery and Marshall. Campbell has been very good and efficient in three out of four starts this season. But, again, the key to the Browns’ offense is going to be Josh Gordon, who has 747 receiving yards thus far, despite missing the first two games. That is mind-blowing to me. He’s been very consistent and is more concerned with winning rather than the records he’s breaking. He’s the kind of receiver you want to get the ball to on Sunday.”

Scott Petrak: “When you go against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on the road and walk away thinking that you should have won the game, that’s a sign of progress, especially this late in the season. It’s important that the young guys on this team show that they can win at the end of a season. (Coach Rob Chudzinski) gets that these fans have stuck with this team through thick and thin, and to get a win on the last home game will mean a lot to them. People tend to focus on the draft pick so much that winning seems to slip their mind, but to me, winning at least two of these last three games is important for this team. The rest of it will work itself out, but especially since this game means a lot for Chicago, the Browns have to go out there with a winning mentality.”

Brian Billick: “I think it is fascinating that all three quarterbacks playing on Sunday (Campbell, Cutler, and Josh McCown) may not be on their team next season. I am anxious to see Campbell play; I’ve watched him before and I know he is a capable quarterback who has been playing really well lately. But Gordon is one of those guys who is a strong, physical talent. He’s a guy who a quarterback will tell you that just because there are two guys on him doesn’t meant he is covered. I know this is a frustrating time for Browns fans, but you have to look at where the team is now and feel pretty good about what the future holds. They are in excellent position going forward and have a strong foundation to build on.”

Je'Rod Cherry: “I think the Browns should use this game to help build on Buster’s confidence. Let’s use this game and see what he can do. It may fail, but I think they should send him a message letting him know that they have his back. This is their last outing and the last time for some of these guys to show that they value being on this team. It’s a time for these guys to make a lasting impression for not only the fans, but the coaching staff as well.”

Buster Skrine: “Preparations for Sunday are going well and I feel like we have a really good scheme going. Chicago is a good team with solid receivers. They are strong, run well, and make big plays so we all know we have a big challenge coming up. I’ve really been studying the tendencies and the way (Jeffery and Marshall) run their routes, so I can get out on top. It’s a challenge not knowing who their quarterback will be, but they run the similar systems so it’s made it easier to study. I feel like I have been having a good season so far and this game is just another chance for me to go out there and prove myself.”

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