Browns Daily Wrap: Campbell time

Posted Oct 23, 2013

On Wednesday’s “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura were joined by Scott Petrak, Browns beat writer for the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, and Je’Rod Cherry. Vic, Nathan, Scott, and Je’Rod discussed the decision to replace Brandon Weeden with Jason Campbell as the starting quarterback for Sunday’s game at Kansas City.

Sam Mellinger, columnist for the Kansas City Star, also joined the show to talk about the Chiefs’ turnaround from 2-14 last year to becoming the NFL’s lone unbeaten team at 7-0.

Here are some highlights:

Nathan Zegura: “The Jason Campbell Era begins. Is it going to be easy for Jason Campbell this week? No, but you’re hoping he can come in and provide some quickness to any situation. …Weeden’s best game may have been the game against Buffalo, and we are trying to figure out why that is. Is it because he was thrown in there? Is the biggest problem between his ears? … In 2014, this Cleveland Browns team will have the quarterback of this team handpicked and the shenanigans will be over.”

Vic Carucci: “Weeden never saw the big picture that a quarterback needs to see. I think he completely stayed in that baseball self that he was. He never escaped from that. He never recognized the gravity a football game involves. He saw football as he saw baseball, where you have long seasons and a lot of games and have time to make up for it. But you don’t have time to make up for it in football. … For a majority of fans, it is not Weeden (at quarterback), so they’re happy. You can’t just say, ‘Get Weeden out,’ when you’re the coaching staff and you have nine games to worry about. By arriving at the decision that Campbell was the best option tells a scary story. When you need a guy in late October, you are in trouble.”

Scott Petrak: “I like Jason Campbell and I think he was a good signing as a backup. It’s just a mindset change. He was OK with being the backup and accepted that. And, all of a sudden, he is named the starter.  I’m hoping he has that same spark Brian Hoyer had. …I think it’s a tough decision for coach Rob Chudzinski because it is eight games in. I get the (negative) fan reaction (toward Weeden), but it bothers me that it gets so personal and I am not sure it has to go there. If the front office had drafted Weeden, they would be supporting him.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “Guys look for reasons to blame someone and not show up and Weeden did that for the team. You cannot endorse a guy not doing things necessary (for success). …I haven’t seen anyone play as ineffective as Brandon Weeden at his position. One thing good about moving forward with this is the following: what they can find out. Who is serious about playing football and having a life in the NFL?”

Sam Mellinger: “(The Chiefs) just have really talented people coming at you on defense. What (Andy) Reid has really done is give us the feeling that, ‘We are on the same page.’ There is more of a feeling that, ‘We are all in this together.’ (Quarterback Alex Smith) is brilliant with an Ivy League brain. There is a leadership quality there that guys believe in him. He is a very good athlete where he can extend some plays, but the biggest on-field thing you see is good decision after good decision.”

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