Browns Daily Wrap: Effort is key

Posted Nov 27, 2013

On Wednesday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura touched on the importance of going into the last five games of the season with a strong work ethic and how the team needs to rebuild in the offseason. Je’Rod Cherry also questioned the effort of the Jacksonville Jaguars and their ability to finish out the season.

Scott Petrak, from the Elyria Chronicle Telegram, also joined Vic and Nathan to weigh in on the Browns’ new “trick-shot” quarterback, Alex Tanney, and how he feels the team should round out the season. Defensive lineman Billy Winn spoke with Jamir Howerton, from, about what went wrong in the Steelers’ game and the improvements needed for the matchup against the Jaguars.

Ryan O’Halloran, from the Florida Times Union, addressed the lack of effort with which the Jaguars began the season and the strides they have made since.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “Many people I hear from think that this team is regressing and going backwards. I have to disagree with that. I think that the Browns have a solid foundation that they are building off of. The defense is sturdy, and that’s a good base to have as a foundation. I think that once you get a quarterback who can stay healthy and perform well, we will begin to see consistency in this offense. I try to get an honest opinion about where this team is heading and I sit here confident that Joe Banner’s vision and the science and analytics behind what he is doing are going to build a strong franchise for years to come.”

Nathan Zegura: “What these players need to realize is that there is still a lot at stake for them. They are playing these remaining five games for their futures. Whether it is here in Cleveland or on one of the other 31 NFL teams, they still have a lot to prove. We all know Joe Banner is focused on the grand scheme of things, and he wants a team that is going to win year after year. They made a huge investment in the defense and that has proven itself to be successful, they are a top-five defense in the league. If that same investment is made on the offense, then we will build ourselves a solid franchise.”

Scott Petrak: “I watched Alex Tanney in practice today, and he can really spin the ball. He and (Brandon) Weeden throw the same ball with the same type of velocity. He’s not as big of a guy, but he can throw it and if he has any type of accuracy like his trick-shot video, he will be in decent shape. I may be the only guy in Cleveland who isn’t upset about seeing Weeden play again. I’m impressed with how he handles adversity and I like the attitude that he has had since the beginning. People have given up on him, but I don’t think he has given up on himself just yet.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “When you are surrounded by a losing team and guys who don’t care, you begin to look around and think that you can get away with just going through the motions. When you are playing football, your body is looking for an exit and the easiest way out is to loaf, instead of doing the sacrificial thing and putting your body on the line. The utmost importance for these last five games is for the guys to step up and play at a high level. Coaches are looking for that consistent guy who will play hard when everyone else tells you that you suck. The easy thing to do is to give up, but coaches will spot that and you will be out of the league before you know it.”

Ryan O’Halloran: “The Jaguars are playing better defense and stopping the run, which has been the best thing for them. Offensively, they aren’t doing a lot different, but they are making a few big plays to put themselves in a scoring position. They have momentum now and coming off of the bye-week, to get the win over Houston, I think they have a lot of momentum going in to Sunday’s game. The key is going to be a consistent (Chad) Henne, who has had his ups and downs this season, and to put pressure on Weeden to help him make the throw. They are terrible at playing at home, so I think they have a decent shot against the Cleveland Browns.”

Billy Winn:  “We didn’t execute (in the Steelers’ game) how we wanted to, but we are going to get back to it and work on the basics. They (Steelers) gave us exactly what they were doing the whole season; we just didn’t execute and take care of our responsibilities. But it’s a new week and we are focused on playing as a team. We need to tackle better on defense. There were a few grey areas where we can make some improvements. We need to play together as an entire team and we are going to come out and play as one this Sunday.”

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