Browns Daily Wrap: Encouraging loss

Posted Oct 28, 2013

On a “Reaction Monday” edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura broke down Sunday’s nail-biting loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Jason Campbell’s impressive performance, and where the team will go from here. Vic and Nathan were joined by Tom Withers from the Associated Press, Doug Dieken from the PNC Bank Cleveland Browns Radio Network, coach Rob Chudzinski, and Je’Rod Cherry. They all seemed encouraged by Campbell’s play and the team’s chances heading into Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Here are some highlights:

Nathan Zegura:“I have a different feel than I usually do after a Sunday loss. I like what I saw from Campbell. It’s amazing what a little pocket awareness can do for you. …Despite the loss, this is a game where, as a Browns fan, you have a lot of positives to look at. Campbell got back on his drops so much faster than Weeden. He’s able to sell the fake and assess the defense while doing so. …The offensive line is very good, but Campbell is good enough with his feet and is able to buy himself time as he moves around the pocket. …There are things to get excited about on the offensive side of the ball: 213 passing yards came from (Josh) Gordon and (Jordan) Cameron. Yes, there was a lack of a running game, but there were still a lot of positives.”to be successful.”

Vic Carucci: “Campbell definitely made it interesting to watch. It seemed as if the Browns’ offense had some spark and life brought back to it. We are guilty of falling in to the moral victory mode, saying (after a loss), ‘Yeah, but they did this …” …The best part of this is that you can see there is something sustainable from Campbell. Everyone played better around Campbell. The entire team looked inspired. As the season moves forward, it looks like the Browns can be efficient and even get some wins. (Campbell’s) a smart, experienced quarterback. Overall, he’s just a better athlete than Brandon (Weeden).”

Rob Chudzinski: “It’s always disappointing when you lose. There were things we did do well. The play of Campbell, he did a great job at managing the game. He had no turnovers; he was able to make plays, which helped us. You look at (Campbell’s) experience and the way he carries himself. The tight ends and backs did a great job with the protections. Jason got the ball out and was able to escape when the protection did break down. … The defense did a better job at executing in the second half. That was a big focal point at halftime. I told the guys they needed to step up and do their job. It was the same calls, same plays, but guys were doing a better job at executing in the second half.”

Doug Dieken: “There were several positives from (Sunday’s) game. There is consistency with the quarterback, the protection was much better. It’s a matter of finding out that two halves really do make a whole. Campbell was really able to extend a few plays. (The Browns) had success at the end of the first half, which helped them going in to the third quarter.”

Tom Withers: “On a whole, there should be optimism with the quarterback situation. When the heat is on, the adrenaline got Campbell moving. He’s a ninth-year player. He has a better feel for these situations. …We are heading in to a good stretch now and having a quarterback who is playing at that kind of level trickles down on both sides of the ball.”

Je'Rod Cherry:“(Sunday) was a moral victory. I was encouraged. I went in to the game thinking Campbell would look horrible, but he proved me wrong. I was impressed that they fought; they went out there and laid it on the line. I feel encouraged going in to this week. I feel like Campbell could actually beat the Ravens. The biggest difference-maker in the game was (his) pocket presence; having the feeling that, ‘I can keep a play alive and won’t be sacked once someone comes into my field of vision.’ I think his teammates fed off of that as well. They felt like they had a chance to make a play with him being back there.”

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