Browns Daily Wrap: Future prospects

Posted Dec 18, 2013

On Wednesday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura gave us a glimpse of their quarterback selection for the 2014 NFL Draft and who they believe would most benefit the Browns’ offense. Scott Petrak, from the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, joined Vic and Nathan to prioritize what he would like to see out of the final two games and his hopes for the draft selection.
Jamir Howerton, from, went inside the locker room with tight end Gary Barnidge, who spoke about how the team is preparing to face the New York Jets and the details they have been focusing on. Je’Rod Cherry rounded out the show to let us know what he would like to hear from head coach, Rob Chudzinski, when he addresses his players about future expectations.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “We know we are going to see an offseason of change and we expect that change. Derek Carr’s (quarterback from Fresno State) game really translates well into this offense, and he has the ability to throw the ball to guys like Josh Gordon. If you look at Carr, he isn’t a giant, but he is solid enough to hold his own. I would like to see some more muscle on him because of the beating he is going to take and the type of climate he could potentially play in. My biggest concern with Johnny Manziel is his (lack of) size. He is going to get clocked and I worry about him taking those hits. What’s interesting in this draft is that Carr, Manziel, and Blake Bortles (quarterback from UCF) are a cluster of guys who I think the Browns are interested in taking. From that cluster, I think they’ll get the guy they want. We can’t put a true, tangible finger on what this quarterback situation will be, but we can say what we hope to see and we can talk about the possibility of trading for someone. There is just so much uncertainty in all of those scenarios that Chudzinski can’t sit here and say we will see a playoff team next year.”

Nathan Zegura: “Derek Carr is a guy who can make all the throws. He’s mature, he’s been through a lot in life, so I think he is much more grown up than some of the other rookies. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. I like that he can throw the ball, he looks smart, he plays in that spread offense that Norv (Turner) likes to play in and he can throw the ball down the field. Next year will hopefully be an entirely different culture. There are going to be new faces in this building that will bring their own take on winning and how to get there. In this era of the NFL, you need to be able to run the ball in certain situations, to be able to take time off the clock in the fourth quarter and get the job done. The modern NFL offense needs an air-back, someone who can catch the ball and take those long hand-offs and turn them into big plays. That’s what the Browns need.”

Scott Petrak: “I want to see the young guys step up in these last two games. It will show whether or not (offensive guard Jason) Pinkston can be the long term answer, if Edwin Baker can show enough in these final games that he can be in the mix. I want to see what kind of numbers Josh Gordon can finish the season with. Those are all going to be important factors as the season finishes out. What’s disappointing with this group (outside linebackers Paul Kruger, Jabaal Sheard, and Barkevious Mingo) is that we have not seen these guys in enough one-on-ones to finish the game. Sheard is a legitimate starter, along with Kruger, but they were hoping to bring Mingo in on third down and tell him to get the quarterback, and he would. I want to see these guys win at least one of the last two games. It will be really bad for their psyche to go into the offseason with seven straight losses. …For the draft, I would cite the quarterback and wide receiver as my one and two choices. If you get the guy in the first round who is legitimate opposite Gordon and (Jordan) Cameron, all of a sudden you have a lot of weapons that should help whoever is at the quarterback position.”

Gary Barnidge: “The Jets have a good defense and we are looking forward to our game plan. It’s going to be a fun game. Towards the end of the season you start losing the little details and that’s what we are working on right now. Jordan is a great athlete and has been a huge part of the offense. With him going down we have other guys in the room who can step up. You never know what is going to happen and you always have guys who are ready to go. You have to be able to show up every week and we are looking forward to these last two games and hopefully ending the season out right.”

Je'Rod Cherry: “As a player, I want to hear Chudzinski say in a manner in which winning is the expectation. Not that it is necessarily going to happen, but let us know that you are holding your guys to a higher standard. At this point, you have a fan base which is dwindling, so you need to instill some hope, but for me, put it on the players and on yourself. You aren’t going to set yourself up for failure and it’s not life or death, but already you see that he is in that place where he can’t come out and say how he really feels. People are asking for a reason to hang on and maybe the best way to do it is to show it, not say it. Put the onus on these guys to make them step up and have that expectation to win.”

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