Browns Daily Wrap: In it to win it

Posted Nov 12, 2013

On Tuesday’s edition of “ Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura sat down with Browns defensive end Billy Winn to discuss, among other topics, Sunday’s game against the Bengals. Nate Ulrich, from the Akron Beacon Journal, joined the show to talk about the importance of the Cincinnati game. Je’Rod Cherry also made his daily appearance to chime in on why he thinks Jason Campbell has been successful so far.

Browns fullback Chris Ogbonnaya sat down with Jamir Howerton, of, to talk about the challenge the Browns are expecting from the Bengals and how they’ll prepare for it.

Here are some highlights:

Nathan Zegura: “This is an opportunity for this team to put themselves in a position to control their own destiny. This is a massive game; you have the momentum coming off from beating the Baltimore Ravens and two weeks to prepare for this game. This is a Browns team that has the chance to win the AFC North and be in the wild-card hunt, and that is what is so exciting to me. There’s a lot to be excited about and it starts Sunday, with a win to beat Cincinnati.”

Vic Carucci: “It feels real, and that’s the part about the Browns you haven’t always been able to connect with, the idea that they’re so much closer and even better in some ways and that they have the chance to be in the postseason. A game like this can be a sea change on how this Browns team is perceived. You need to win this game Sunday because it won’t just be that they beat a Bengals team that’s struggling; it will be perceived much more as the Browns climbing and much more of the Browns moving to that stature that they are a team to be reckoned with.”

Billy Winn: “We are feeling good and ready to get out there and play another game. We are treating this like another game and taking each game one by one and not worrying about next week. It is a lot easier said than done, but I think this team has the right mindset and practicing and putting it all together on Sundays. ...Don’t worry about next week and focus on the task at hand. Once you focus on playoffs and Super Bowl, that is when teams start to slip. Focus on winning the next one.”

Nate Ulrich: “This is the most important game the Browns will play since 2007, and if they can win this then everything can fall into place for them. I’m not buying the whole Cincinnati Bengals are done rhetoric. I think the Bengals are going to be a very tough out this weekend. The Browns defense is back to its attacking ways. I think the Browns have got to get after it and pressure (Bengals quarterback Andy) Dalton and make him as uncomfortable as possible. They had this upbeat optimistic outlook since they beat the Ravens, good quarterback play can do that for a team.”

Chris Ogbonnaya: “Winning the division is what we go into the season (shooting) for, so I hope we can take care of business on Sunday. We break the season down as if it’s a game; we just prepare ourselves for the first drive (of the third quarter of a game) and that’s against Cincinnati this week. They’re playing at a very high level the past couple of weeks. They’re a very solid unit. We will have our work cut out for us and we will be looking forward to the opportunity.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “I really think, with the grueling weather now, Dalton is lacking in accuracy and arm strength. If Jason Campbell can continue to play the level he is playing, I am rolling with Jason Campbell (over the other quarterbacks in the AFC North).”

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