Browns Daily Wrap: 'Playmaker' Wisdom

Posted Nov 6, 2013

On an epic Wednesday edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura were joined in the studio by “The Playmaker” himself, Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin. He discussed his inspirational talk with the Browns’ players on how he turned his tragedy in to triumph, in hopes to light a spark in them as well.

Vic and Nathan also spoke by phone with ESPN’s John Clayton, who provided insight on where he thinks the Browns are headed.

Tight end Jordan Cameron joined Jamir Howerton, from, to discuss the importance of relaxing, yet staying focused, while the team breaks for the bye. Rounding out the show was Je’Rod Cherry, who touched on the importance of Browns players taking what Michael Irvin said to heart and learning from the hardships of a legend.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “Michael was able to touch on topics that we don’t really understand. The depth with which he can address these issues is the real difference between Michael’s views compared to everyone else. I hope the talk that Michael shared with these guys hit home and I hope they truly listened. Not only do you learn a lot about the Browns and the NFL from listening to Michael, but you learn a lot about life in general. You have to respect everything that comes out of his mouth and I hope these guys took that to heart.”

Nathan Zegura: ““The guys have an opportunity to benefit from listening to Michael. He said some powerful stuff. He’s definitely a mentor, and a big mentor to Josh Gordon. They relate to each other in a lot of ways. …Right now, the Browns have the opportunity to control their destiny. They are in a position to come off of the bye week and do something incredible.”

Micheal Irvin: ““I talked with the team about where they can go from here. They are going through a lot right now with three different quarterbacks. Most teams would crumble at what they are going through. They just have to believe that they can do it and believe in the process of becoming a champion. You quickly learn at this level that this league is different, and you need players around you who are committed to you. I want to talk to these guys and try to prevent them from making the same mistakes I made. I am optimistic about this team, as optimistic as I have been in long while. But the guys need to know the opportunity that they have in front of them. They need to make it impossible to write the history of this team without mentioning their names.”

John Clayton: “I like where this team is going. The big step has been the front seven, the entire defense in general. The defense is competitive enough to keep the games close. You can see that the Browns were a team who has continually struggled and now they are competing with some of the best teams in the league. It is going to be tough to get this team to the playoffs, at least this season. If you look at (Jason) Campbell’s career, he’s good enough to go on a winning streak, but at some point I think it will catch up to him. I think this team has the confidence in knowing that everything has gone wrong for them for years and they are finally starting to see big changes happening. Confidence can build so much in a team.”

Jordan Cameron: “The win that we had on Sunday was huge and we need to keep this rolling and prepare for Cincinnati’s offense. This bye week is going to be a good chance for us to rest our bodies and rest our minds. Being away from football is a good thing, but staying there mentally and watching film here and there is still needed to get ahead of Cincinnati. We’ve been progressing from week to week and need to continue to do so. We know that every week is a challenge so we can’t get too much of a mental break. I think, if we just follow the path that our coaches are leading us down, it will pay off.”br />

Je’Rod Cherry: “The one thing you appreciate from Michael is his realness. Just hearing his pitfalls and the things he went through, it’s usually the bye week when things like that happen and you just pray that these guys don’t do anything dumb while they are away. I’m sure coach (Rob Chudzinski) has said it all week, enjoy yourself but be smart; take a break, but don’t forget football. Where this team is going is something that Cleveland hasn’t seen in a while, and these guys can’t ruin it on their time off.””br />

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