Browns Daily Wrap: Ready for rivalry

Posted Nov 22, 2013

On Friday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura were joined by former Browns kick-return specialist Eric Metcalf and Je’Rod Cherry to discuss the important rivalry between the Browns and the Steelers, and also how the expected bad weather is going to be detrimental to the game on Sunday. Vic, Nathan and Je’Rod also emphasized on the fact that there are many players on this team that need to step up in order to remain in the hunt.

Browns wide receiver Greg Little also sat down with Jamir Howerton, of, to talk about the mentality the team has going into this big rivalry game against the Steelers and how the attitude in the locker room is knowing the Browns still have a chance to reach the playoffs.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “It’s important for the Browns to stay true to who they are offensively, and they can’t be conservative. Go back to that mentality that Jason Campbell had against the Ravens because if they don’t have that (mentality), they don’t have a chance to win. The Browns need to play perfect football and they cannot give assists because they’re not good enough to make up for them. …I think attitude should play a real part of this game. There are guys that are needed to step up and I and think it’s the understanding that they have to (step up) and the understanding of what this game means is bigger than the rivalry. It means that, at 4-6, you are still in this thing. There is room to do this because the AFC is pretty bad and the Steelers are going to come in with that mentality and the Browns need to match that.”

Nathan Zegura: “The Browns need to limit their turnovers and their mistakes. If they play them straight up and don’t give any points away, they will be good. I don’t think the Steelers can win this game being completely one-dimensional. You can’t play in fear of making mistakes and Jason Campbell needs to play without that fear. This is a game where the offense does have to step up. This is an opportunity to do something offensively and big in this game. Jason Campbell, let it rip, bro, let it rip!”

Eric Metcalf: “What makes (Browns vs. Steelers) a great rivalry is that it’s like a college rivalry going on, and the fans in the stadium give it that good feeling when you step inside. It means a lot to be a Cleveland Brown. Once I got there, I understood what it meant to be a Cleveland Brown and be a part of this organization and I think the young guys have to grasp this to see what this organization means. If they win, they will really feel what it is like to be a Cleveland Brown. Beating the Steelers at home would be incredible. If the Browns take care of business at home, than it’s a big movement going forward.”

Greg Little: “We feel like the Steelers play a lot on instincts and we are going to try to find the open guy. They’ve always been a great team and it’s definitely going to be a fight Sunday. The locker room has definitely been trying to hit on paying attention to details. I need to finish every play and every opportunity that I have to make an impact. This is a huge game for us and our community and we just want to go out and give the best game and put everything together with defense, special teams and offense.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “With Jason nursing some rib injuries, the cold is not going to help him and will make him more sensitive. I think if you go out there being hesitant, then it’s going to be a problem. If Jason can overcome that hesitancy, then we can get a quick start over the Steelers. The key of the Browns is going to be complimentary football. I don’t need just (Josh) Gordon and (Jordan) Cameron, but I need (Davone) Bess and (Chris) Ogbonnaya. …What is on the line here is having the playoffs come to your front door and you walk through it. The question is, do these guys want it? Whether they win or lose, you are going to find out who really wants it. This is where it counts. If you aren’t going to step up under these situations, what makes people think you’re going to step up a year from now?”

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