Browns Daily Wrap: Ready to fight

Posted Oct 30, 2013

On an action-packed Wednesday edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura sat down with Mary Kay Cabot, of and the Plain-Dealer, to discuss the Browns’ opportunity to defeat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Vic and Nathan were also joined by Solomon Wilcots, who will be on the television call for Sunday’s game for CBS Sports, and CBD regular Je’Rod Cherry. Wilcots and Cherry stressed the importance of the Browns making a statement in Week 9.

In addition, native Clevelander and Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight Stipe Miocic joined us in the “Dawg Bowl” to share his love for the Browns.

Here are some highlights:

Nathan Zegura: “This is a time for the defense to step up and play like they did in the second half of the Kansas City game. (The defense) has not allowed a pass play for more than 40 yards this season. Teams just can’t except to come to Cleveland and walk away with a win. …This game has the makings of a low-scoring, tough-fighting affair where the Browns are going to need to seize the moment and do something the Ravens can’t do. …I have the feeling that the last game and the quarterback switch to (Jason) Campbell have really reenergized the team. You don’t get a sense around the building that this team has lost three in a row. They know they can get the job done. …The Browns have done a great job this season at sustaining against other teams’ stars. It’s been the secondary players that have hurt us.”

Vic Carucci: “The Ravens look like a team that is a little bit out of whack. They don’t look like a team that just won the Super Bowl. If the Browns go into the game thinking they have a quarterback who gives them a chance and the defense plays the way we know they can, then they will have a chance. …There are some big sleeves here in this coaching staff, a lot of tricks going on. I don’t think we have seen even the surface be scratched. The defense needs to come out and be equally aggressive. …It’s almost an accidental position that Campbell fell in to, but so what? He’s a better quarterback and gives the team the ability to play better than what was back there previously.”

Solomon Wilcots: “The (trade-rumor) distractions are gone for (Josh Gordon). He can finally settle in, knowing he will be here in Cleveland.  I think we are going to see him become the player that we all think he can be. …Coach (Rob Chudzinski) go to him and talk about the offseason. He should tell him that this is an offense he can turn around, but he needs to stay focused and stay out of trouble. … The defense is looking really positive. I love what (Ray) Horton has done with them. (Buster) Skrine has improved dramatically. Offensively, there are still some missing pieces. T.J. Ward has become a playmaker back there. He is only going to get better.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “The path to victory this weekend is coming out early, moving fast and in attack mode. They have to play confident. If Campbell can continue to do what he did in the second half of the Kansas City game and the defense continues to do what they did, the Browns have a shot at a victory. …It doesn’t seem like the desire is there for the Ravens anymore. When a team makes a zone-blocking transition, it usually means they have lost their toughness. They just seem to be coasting through and the Browns need to take advantage of that.”

Mary Kay Cabot: “When you look at what Campbell did in Kansas City, he almost scored more points against them than any other team in the NFL. I’m impressed at how he can elude pressure, side step from pressure, and has great field awareness. He was also great at overcoming adversity on three three-and-outs. …There are a few critical things that need to be done on Sunday. Josh Gordon needs to be utilized on big plays. No one should expect (the Browns) to have a running game so they need to find a way to accomplish first downs another way. …The team needs to continue to be aggressive. That theme seems to run throughout the organization. You hear that Joe Banner is aggressive and it sort of trickles down. …The players love to know that the coaches have faith in them and have faith to have them go for it on 4th down.  Plus, it helps that the offensive linemen know that they have a quarterback behind them who is going to get rid of the ball.”

Stipe Miocic: “My favorite memory from the Cleveland Browns is back in their last season they played at the Municipal Stadium. It was a preseason game, I think, and (Eric) Metcalf took one to the house on a kickoff return. I must have been about 12. It was awesome. …I like the (Browns’) defense a lot. The offense seems to be getting better and better each game. Once they get over that hump, they just can’t look back.”

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