Browns Daily Wrap: Still quarterback-less

Posted Dec 4, 2013

On Wednesday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura spent a lot of time discussing the current quarterback situation and the fact that a starter for Sunday’s game had not been chosen. Mary Kay Cabot, from, stopped by the studio to reflect on what she saw at practice and to shed some light on what she feels Patriots coach Bill Belichick will do to stop the Browns on Sunday.

Steve Tasker, from CBS Sports, also joined Vic and Nathan by phone as he emphasized the importance of finding a way to get Josh Gordon open against the Patriots’ defense. Jamir Howerton, from, caught up with Browns safety Tashaun Gipson, who talked about the consistency needed for the game against the Patriots.

Vic and Nathan wrapped up the show with Je’Rod Cherry, who gave his perspective on the quarterback situation and how the other guys should be handling the uncanny circumstances.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “The quarterback situation is bizarre. (Coach Rob Chudzinski) is trying to maintain the brave face, but let’s face it: on the inside he has to be thinking the same thing everyone else is. The problem is, I think some people see this as an opportunity to fix the quarterback situation. That is not going to happen. (Caleb) Hanie and (Alex) Tanney are just here to get us through the season. The fixer isn’t in this building and that is the truth for any team that would be in this situation. None of this is an excuse to not play football, though, and I don’t think these guys are ready to give up. There are a lot of hard-working people in this building who care a lot about the team. From the players to the staff, people aren’t ready to give up on the season.”

Nathan Zegura: “If you look at teams around the league, every team at the top of their division has had one starting quarterback all season. The Browns have had five; they need continuity. This isn’t what Chud had hoped for and this isn’t what the fans had hoped for. This could be a good time for some players to step up, though. The rest of the season will allow for us to evaluate some players that we otherwise weren’t able to. (Leon) McFadden is someone I want to see make an impact and he is now going to get the chance. He is going to learn on the job, and I like that. …This is a very difficult situation for the Browns and it would be for any team going into Foxborough. It certainly won’t be easy for them.”

Mary Kay Cabot: “I was just watching practice (Wednesday) and it just seems really odd. You don’t see Weeden or (Jason) Campbell out there.  It’s just a weird sight, seeing Hanie and Tanney and knowing that one of these guys might go in and start against Bill Belichick. I know he will be licking his chops if he gets one of these guys in there and it could make for a long afternoon for the Browns. Hanie and Tanney both throw a nice ball and they can put it on the money, but there is something about the speed of the game and if you have never experienced it before, you don’t want your first time to be against the Patriots. I know Bill and I know he is scheming to take down Josh Gordon; that’s just his philosophy. I’m going to need someone else to step up and step up big. The Browns are going to have to get creative if they want to keep pace with the Patriots.””

Steve Tasker: “Let’s face it, all the problems the Browns have faced throughout the season have centered on the carousal of quarterbacks. I think their defensive front seven is competitive and (Joe) Haden and (T.J.) Ward are doing a great job, but it’s a quarterback-driven league and once you say that, you automatically put the Browns in problem-mode. The Patriots are going to treat Gordon like a star and he will be the focal point for their secondary. We know the Browns will make it hard for them to find Josh. They will move him around to try and get him open, but there is only so much you can do. The greatest advantage that the Patriots have against the Browns is quarterback reps with their wide receivers. The Browns just don’t have any. That is going to be a true challenge for them.”

Je'Rod Cherry: “From an offensive standpoint, the players are probably wondering what the heck is going on, but they need to get in a mindset and control those wandering thoughts and focus on football. Right now, these guys need as much positive reinforcement for Hanie and Tanney as possible. (Hanie and Tanney) are already wondering if their offensive line will block for them or if their receivers will catch the ball. They need to know they have the guys in the huddle giving them positive support. In order to get to Tom (Brady), the Browns must avoid lining up in their coverage. Tom is too good; he will read that right away. They can’t show him what is coming and they need to pressure with the four-man rush.”

Tashaun Gipson “The theme this week has been consistency with all three sides of the ball. We need to stay consistent if we are going up against Tom Brady and the Patriots. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think our defense is able to hold up against anyone. I know I need to go in there and do my job, especially against (Rob) Gronkowski. I want to make sure I do everything in my power to help this team out. I know the eleven of us are going to come in to the game on Sunday excited for the challenge that the Patriots will bring.”

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