Browns Daily Wrap: Talking Campbell, Fozzy

Posted Oct 29, 2013

On Tuesday’s “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura were joined by Browns quarterback Jason Campbell to discuss Sunday’s loss against Kansas City and his outlook on the rest of the season.

Je’Rod Cherry and former NFL player and current NFL Network and Dial Global Radio Network analyst Brian Baldinger spoke with Nathan and Vic about Campbell and other Browns-related topics. Browns fullback Chris Ogbonnaya also sat down with Jamir Howerton, of, to talk about how the team plans to rebound from the Kansas City game.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “I see this team as having legit hope and an opportunity to win a game and get people motivated around (Campbell). There was an inspired effort around Campbell and there was no denying that. …Your effort should always be great (regardless of who plays quarterback). You should disregard the fact that somebody is not playing well at one position. Play hard for your quarterback. … He (Fozzy Whittaker) is showing reasons why he should have the ball in his hands more. It’s a fluid team for many reasons, but generally it is a team that wants to remake themselves (each week). It’s those little things, like picking up Fozzy Whittaker, and putting him in a situation (where he can contribute as a runner and receiver), and he fits that mold.”

Nathan Zegura: “Jason’s calmness and his demeanor show that there is a fire inside and he wants to prove to everyone and himself that he has a lot to offer. … They’re very much in this game (against Baltimore), this is a team that is imminently ‘stuffable’. Am I going Fozzy crazy? Or am I wrong to want to see more of Fozzy Whittaker? Fozzy is talking about running on the edges, I would like to see Fozzy Whittaker get some more time in there and, hopefully, he can develop into that Andre Ellington.”

Jason Campbell: “I really wasn’t frustrated at all (about getting beat out by Brian Hoyer). I have strong faith and it is what keeps me still and keeps me moving. It’s not about getting caught up in what is going on, because when your time does come it won’t be what it should be if you were caught up in everything. …(Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron), they work extremely hard in practice. Cameron comes to work every day and does everything he can. Gordon is probably the tallest receiver I’ve ever had. He doesn’t look like he’ running, but he’s a giraffe! It’s exciting to play with this group of guys and seeing the growth in this group of men.”

Chris Ogbonnaya: “I thought Jason did well; he knows the ins and outs of the game. …It’s important to stay focused. We just want to do what we do and take one game at a time and we really want to get this game (against Baltimore). This is important to us and we need to come back and dedicate ourselves.”

Brian Baldinger: “(Browns CEO) Joe (Banner) doesn’t mind playing the bad guy in the building sometimes. I think he’s a very smart guy. Joe is the master of not allowing old, aging contracts. When it’s time to let them go, he lets them go. He understands a lot about building a team and he knows what it takes. … (Campbell) knew how to really run an offense. He didn’t panic, extended some plays, and had a great day out there on Sunday. He knows he has to be the leader, and he conducted himself like that.”

Je'Rod Cherry: “You are professional and you have to take that next step on the team and go out there and do your part no matter who is out there at quarterback. I could see this team winning five games if Jason Campbell plays competent football. You always want to do the best you can every single year. You don’t want be a 3-13 team just for your draft status. There is no guy out the in that draft that will save this football team. It has to be a collective effort.”

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