Browns Daily Wrap: Time for full 60

Posted Oct 31, 2013

On a Halloween edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura sat down with the voice of the Browns, Jim Donovan, and Doug Dieken from PNC Bank Cleveland Browns Radio Network. They discussed the importance of the Browns playing good football for an entire 60 minutes, beginning with Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Stan White, from the Ravens Radio Network, also spoke with Vic and Nathan, and discussed the Ravens’ struggles and the statement that they are looking to make in this game as well. CBD rounded out the show with Je’Rod Cherry, who discussed the Ravens’ psyche and the benefits it might create for the Browns.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “I want to see the Browns play the entire game; I’m tired of talking about (them playing well in) certain halves. It’s always the reason you point to when teams can’t get the job done. Only playing half of the game speaks a lot about (a team’s lack of) maturity, its lack of focus. It shows that you just aren’t mature enough as a team to understand what it takes. When you start to talk about it, it’s too late, but it’s something that Coach (Rob Chudzinski) needs to address. …What happens through the final eight games, how the team handles playing the entire game, will really define Chud in his first year as head coach.”

Nathan Zegura: “T.J. Ward is a leader. He’s becoming a star and a pillar for this team for years to come. People will be talking about him for a while. This is a statement game for both teams. The Ravens want to turn it around from three straight losses, and the Browns need to defend their turf. …If the Browns can have a strong finish to the season like we think they can, this is a team that, following some moves in the offseason, can legitimately wake up next year and be a team that is expected to go to the playoffs.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “(The Ravens) are coming into this game fired up, but that is what the Browns want. They want them to come stirred up; you can take their heart away faster that way. It’s never a good time to catch a team. Yes, they will be well rested (after a bye), but they have that element, they talk a good talk, but if you hit them enough they will fold. There’s no doubt the Ravens will be fired up, but if the Browns can do what the Browns can do, and that is play physically, execute the way they know how, and if Campbell can play competent football, they will win.”

Jim Donovan: “I see some wins in (the Browns’) future. Having an adult back there at quarterback really helps. If (Jason Campbell) stays healthy, they will progress. Chud is at a point where he needs wins and consistent play. The drops early in the game have congested them. They are at a point where they need to earn their keep. …It’s tough to watch year after year, seeing them lose at home. It’s time to beat (the Ravens), and they are very much a beatable team.”

Doug Dieken: “They need to beat the division teams to win the division. Norv (Turner) said it himself, they need to get more people involved (in the offense) and I think they have been doing a really good job at helping guys out who are struggling. …I thought Campbell was a grinder in the last game. He kept going and going and, finally, he got in to rhythm. (Travis) Benjamin will be missed, though, and they need to find a way to make up for those yards that he (will no longer give them). Overall, the Browns have been fortunate on the injury side of the ball compared to some other teams. This is an opportunity for them to take advantage of other teams’ misfortunes.”

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