Browns Daily Wrap: Time to reflect

Posted Nov 5, 2013

On Tuesday’s edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura sat down with Tom Withers from the Associated Press to review the contributing factors to the win against the Baltimore Ravens. Je’Rod Cherry also joined Vic and Nathan to discuss the important upcoming bye week, and what the players need to avoid during their time off.

Browns long-snapper Christian Yount also sat down with Jamir Howerton, of, to talk about how the team’s plan to use its bye to reflect on the first half of the season and the tasks that need to be completed to win the AFC North.

Here are some highlights:

Nathan Zegura: “These guys know they have the opportunity to come back to really get themselves into the hunt to get the AFC North title with a win against Cincinnati. This team doesn’t need to be the best run-offense in the NFL; they just need to be competent. This Browns team, with Rob Chudzinski, is I think (getting) one of the best coaching jobs in the NFL this year. This bye week is at the perfect time for this coaching staff, too. I believe fully that this team has the belief (in itself), because next year, when they start the season, they know they can beat all of the teams in their division.”

Vic Carucci: “Sunday’s win enhances what the bye week is and what it means. This is the time for reflection and review. Time is precious for this coaching staff. …You need to show the capacity that you can compete with what you have. You have to have quality talent, but I do think the coaching has made a substantial difference in this team. I don’t want to say the previous coaching staff wasn’t competent in what it did, but I think this coaching staff has a different feel for utilizing the players’ skills to the fullest.”

Je’Rod Cherry: “Have fun and have a good time (during the bye), but don’t be stupid about it because you are ruining your body’s ability to heal. This is a time for you to relax and recover. Be smart while away. You will go through some concepts and go over those things you need to work on. You have an opportunity to get better every time you step out on that football field. You should have a mindset to get better even though you have off this week. This (bye) week can be one of those chances where you can become a better football player if you approach practice differently. You have the extra time and you should look at some ideas and brainstorm as a staff. The only thing you worry about coming out of this bye week is that our guys have been off for a week, we have a bad history of coming back fast, and can we get it together to go beat Cincinnati?”

Tom Withers: “There are some positive things happening here, given all that has transpired over the first eight weeks, with injuries and trades. I think that this team, to get where it’s at, really says a lot. I think this Sunday was a transformative win. They really wobbled the Super Bowl champs and ended that 11-game losing streak. Those guys walked out of that stadium on Sunday and felt a sense that it was really important to this team that ‘we beat a team that’s owned us the past few years.’ ... (Browns coach) Rob Chudzinski has done a tremendous job. When they go for it on fourth down and they get it, it trickles down to that locker room. …Chudzinski believes in his players and shows that he trusts them.”

Christian Yount: “I think guys (during the bye week) will sit down and reflect on the first half of the season. This is a really important stretch right here, and it’s exciting. I think the guys are going to take a lot of time to reflect to see what they can do differently to help this team and I am just trying to stay consistent. That is the important part, just staying consistent and win our division.”

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