Browns Daily Wrap: Time to respond

Posted Nov 29, 2013

On a Black Friday edition of “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura discussed the importance of the Browns winning Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and also expressed their hopes for next season. Nathan and Vic were joined by Doug Dieken, from the PNC Bank Cleveland Browns Radio Network, to get his take on what it is like playing in an NFL game on Thanksgiving Day. Doug also warned against the Browns taking the Jaguars lightly because he is expecting them to play hard and execute.

Browns tight end Jordan Cameron and defensive lineman Desmond Bryant also sat down with Jamir Howerton, of, to discuss the improvements they have made in practice this week. Jordan also expressed the confidence the team has in Brandon Weeden at quarterback.

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “I just don’t feel good sitting here saying they’re going to win a game when they haven’t proven they can win a game. I don’t know what kind of Browns team is going to show up Sunday, but it has to be a team that is going to be efficient and not make mistakes. Does Brandon Weeden have the ability to carry this team to a win and do all the things that we hoped he could be when we brought him here two years ago? ...I haven’t stopped believing that the Browns are capable of being what they can be. I believe, organizationally, that everything is in the right place. It is harder to say that and be believed when I say that. But I am not taking the last two weeks and saying that everything we saw before that (Nov. 17) Cincinnati Bengals game was false hope. I think there is some real talent on this team. I also think that those that make the decisions for this team know what they’re doing.  Their test is coming up in the biggest way with May’s draft. …I want Brandon Weeden to say, ‘In your face’ to everybody with his performance. That will say it all.”

Nathan Zegura: “Weeden should be better than Chad Henne on Sunday. Jacksonville does not have anyone proven on their team other than (wide receiver) Cecil Shorts. But I feel ultimately it will be Chad Henne who is better at quarterback on Sunday. This will be a competitive game. ...Jordan Cameron needs to step up against this Jacksonville Jaguar defense. (The Jaguars) have been absolutely dreadful. (The Browns) need to take advantage of that. They need to take pure advantage of the Jaguars’ inability to cover tight ends. …The Cleveland Browns are still searching for their main man at quarterback, but right now that man is Brandon Weeden. This is a team that is vulnerable through the air. This is a matchup that Brandon Weeden can certainly have success in. Hopefully, they can do it and have a clean game and have that kind of offense. The Browns aren’t that special kind of offense, but they need to take care of the football.”

Desmond Bryant: “We have to get tackles when we are supposed to and work on those things. One of the things Coach (Rob) Chudzinski talked about (this week) was that we have a five-game mini-season left and one of the quotes he put up is that ,‘Nobody remembers what you do except in December.’ If we go out there and win all five games, we have a shot in the playoffs and we can do that by getting back to the fundamentals.”

Jordan Cameron: “(The Jaguars are) a team with a high motor and they swarm to the ball and they are a very aggressive unit. Brandon and I have been working together for a long time, so we have some chemistry together and he knows what he is doing. This week of practice was critical and it is important for Brandon to know that we have his back and we have confidence in him and all the quarterbacks. It’s another tough game; this defense is very good and aggressive. We just need to have a good work week and put in some hours to play well on Sunday.”

Doug Dieken: “Every player wants to do well and wants to perform well, regardless of what your record is and if it is a holiday week or not. …When you are 4-7, you can’t take anybody lightly. It is now time to get back on the right track and execute the game plan even if the opponent is not that good. I think (the Jaguars are) playing with a little more confidence than they have been. They have won on the road and that catches their eye. These guys aren’t going to be a pushover and they’re going to play hard. The pride factor is what makes your career; if you have pride, you are going to play better and fight harder and make sure you don’t have a loss on Sunday. They need to continue to try to improve in hope that next year is going to be better.”

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