Browns Postgame Quotes - Oct. 13

Posted Oct 13, 2013

Here are the postgame quotes from Browns coach Rob Chudzinski and players following the 31-17 loss to the Detroit Lions Sunday.

Browns Coach Rob Chudzinski:

Opening statement: “Obviously, a disappointing loss today. I felt good about how we played in the first half. We weren’t able to close the game out in the second half. That’s something we need to learn and do, and be able to do, is take the game when we have the opportunities and be more consistent in that way. Again, it’s one game. This is a long season. We’ve played six games. I expect it will improve and get better and do the things that we need to do better in the game to take control and finish in the second half. I thought there was a number of positive things. Again, in the first half, I thought we played well. We had some key drives there. I think the two-minute drive at the end there was outstanding. I think there was a number of individuals that played well. Obviously, the negatives in the third quarter coming out, we couldn’t get anything going offensively. We had three drives and all three were three-and-out. Defensively, they were able to convert and move the ball. I thought one of the big plays in the game on the first third down they had where (Detroit QB Matthew) Stafford was able to scramble and scrambled for the first down and keep that drive alive. I think they were four-for-four in the third quarter on their third downs. Obviously, some penalties hurt us in situations and different situations on offense and on defense. I give a lot of credit to Detroit. They came out and they took the game and won the game. They made the plays they needed to and they were able to win.”

On if QB Brandon Weeden was trying to complete a pass or throw it away on the fourth quarter interception: “We’ll have to check. I actually think he was trying to throw it away.”

On why the offense struggled in the third quarter: “We had a couple of false-start penalties, little things like that that put us in some tougher down-and-distance situations. We just couldn’t get a rhythm going. Sometimes you get that first first down, and once you get that, you get a rhythm going, and we weren’t able to get that.”

On if he was confident WR Greg Little landed in bounds on the challenge: “I had a pretty good view of it. I thought he got his second foot down. Obviously, that’s why I challenged it, but he didn’t. We didn’t win the challenge and they didn’t reverse it.”

On Weeden’s biggest problem in the third quarter: “I have to look at the tape. I don’t know that it was necessarily Brandon or anything else. We had some runs where we weren’t able to get anything going. I think we got in some longer down-and-distance situations that hurt us.”

On what Weeden could have done differently on the interception in the fourth quarter: “I would just have to look at the tape. All I saw was kind of the end of the play so I didn’t really see what was developing out there at the time.”

On if the roughing the passer call on LB Quentin Groves was a good call: “You know, I didn’t see it. I just looked at it on the replay and they called it. It really doesn’t matter what I think of it. It was a play that we have to be smart and make sure we don’t get those type of penalties.”

On if Detroit targeted LB Craig Robertson: “I don’t necessarily think it was going after him. I think that every time you looked when there was a key play to be made. Detroit has some great playmakers. (Lions RB) Reggie Bush is a difference maker. He’s tough to cover and he made the plays he needed to today it seemed that every time they needed a play. Reggie Bush was there, and you try to focus on (Lions WR) Calvin (Johnson), and Reggie and (Lions TE Joseph) Fauria’s out there catching three touchdown passes with one-on-one coverage, as well. They’re tough to defend. Again, I think our guys played hard. I think we competed. Obviously, we got off to a good start in the first half. We just need to finish it off in the second half. It’s part of the game.”

On if his perception of Weeden changed following the fourth quarter interception: “I don’t feel differently about anybody. What we need to do is learn and grow and that’s what we’ve been able to do this season. I think that we’re getting better and we’ll have to look at the tape. I’m confident the guys will come in and take it as a  learning opportunity to get better. Obviously, it’s disappointing. You hate to lose, especially when you have a lead. It’s something that we can’t let happen.”

On not running the ball in the second half: “I think we had a few called. When you don’t convert on third down and you’re going into third down and you’re not getting them, you just don’t have a lot of plays. We obviously didn’t get many runs there. We didn’t get many plays there. By the time of the fourth quarter, we were obviously trying to play catch up.”

Browns Players

FB Chris Ogbonnaya:

On the interception plays: “I don’t know about the reads Brandon [Weeden] goes through as a quarterback. I’m one of his progressions, so it just depends on what happens during the course of the play.”

On how devastating the second interception was since there was an opportunity to come back: “It was tough. Anytime you have an opportunity to score and execute, and you don’t get what you want, it’s tough but that’s the nature of this game. We made some mistakes as an offensive group in the second half, but we’ll learn from those things and get better, look at the tape and move forward.”

On what the main reason was for the Browns to be shut out the second half: “I think there were some things that we did to beat ourselves as an offensive unit, but we’ll look at the tape and be able to make a better assessment of what happened and then go from there.”

On the disappointment of not taking the momentum from the second quarter into the third quarter: “Any loss is difficult but, like I said, we’ll look at the tape and make our corrections and then move forward to Green Bay.”

LB Paul Kruger:

On playing against Reggie Bush: “There’s no doubt about it, he’s an explosive guy and he’s going to make a lot of plays on his own. He’s just one of those guys you have to corral and make sure he doesn’t have too much space. I felt like we did that in the first half. He had a couple big plays. He’s a good player; I don’t know what to tell you. He found a way to do what he had to do; a little credit to him. We just have to come out better next time in the second half.”

On how important it is to put the past behind them going into a difficult game against Green Bay: “Every game is going to have this type of importance; it’s just a week-to-week thing. We just have to come out each week and play sound football. We didn’t do that today in the second half and it got to us.”

On if this game was a momentum killer: “It’s just how you look at it. As a team, we’re determined to win each game. There are going to be bumps in the road, there are going to be challenges, it’s just how we react to those. It’s going to be behind us after tonight. We have to come in tomorrow ready to work and put this game behind us and focus on what we have to get done.”

LB Craig Robertson:

On the final score of the game: “They made more plays.  I did a bad job, myself, of making plays on our side of the ball.”

On how elusive Reggie Bush is: “He’s been doing it for years, it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen it.  He has been doing it for years, he is a good back.”

On how well the defense has done this year compared to today’s performance: “We pride ourselves on the defensive side of the ball.  So, to give up that many rushing yards, of course, that is a shot, it hurts us.  I felt like it was my fault on a lot of the plays.  I mean, letting Reggie Bush out like that.  I had him, and he got out sometimes, but I own up to it, and I have to keep battling.”

DL Ahtyba Rubin:

On what happened in the third quarter: “I don’t know, I take our hats off to them. They played a good second half and they schemed us up. They had big runs and a couple big plays. We just have to learn how to play a full game and make sure we come out with that same fire that we had in the first half.”

On the adjustments that the Lions made: “They just kept scratching and fighting just like we did. Like I said, ‘hats off to them’ and we just have to learn from this.”

On if there could have been a couple different plays made in that fourth quarter: “We just have to find a way to close teams out. Just put our feet on their necks and get that big win. We just have to stop coming out for that second half slow.”

On the offense not generating anything in the third quarter: “We just know that we have to hold our weight up on defense. If they can’t convert or get points on the board, the pressure is on us to stop them. We put it all on our backs and we’re going to come out this week and make some adjustments to get ready for Green Bay.”

DB Buster Skrine:

On Detroit scoring 24 unanswered points: “The offense made a lot of good plays in that second half. They converted on third down and they did what they had to do to win.”

On Detroit converting a lot of third downs: “We just didn’t execute like how we should have executed. They just made a lot of big plays.”

On RB Reggie Bush: “Reggie Bush has really good hands and he runs very good routes. A lot of times we have to match him up with a linebacker and our linebackers are very good in coverage. But he just made a lot of plays today when he was out in the open.”

On the amount of confidence the team had coming out of halftime: “We are always confident. Detroit just did a good job today by seeing what (defense) we were in and making plays.”

QB Brandon Weeden:

On the 4th quarter interception: “I was trying the flip it over [RB Chris] Ogbonnaya’s head.  I couldn’t really turn to actually throw it.  I didn’t want to take a sack there.  Just tried to flip it as far as I could over Ogbonnaya’s head.  It’s almost better to take the sack there and move onto the next play.  I was just trying to avoid taking the sack and throw it over his head.”

On the offense in the second half: “Without seeing the tape it’s hard to tell.  We didn’t do as well on first or second down as we did in the first half.  We didn’t really string any drives together, and that starts with doing more on first and second down.  We couldn’t get any momentum, and we couldn’t get a flow going.  I thought we executed and played pretty well in the first half.  We just weren’t able to play a full 60 minutes.”

On the challenge of WR Greg Little’s catch attempt: “I couldn’t really see what all went on.  It was a heck of a catch, great effort.  It was unfortunate.  It would have been a big play for us, that would have been a first down and kept the drive going.  It’s their (the officials) call, we have to move on and rebound from it.”

On Detroit changing its defense in the second half: “No, they did what they did in the first half, for the most part.  They played well, played well up front.  You could tell they game-planned to take away some of our combinations, but we dialed up some good plays to counter that.  We just didn’t execute, didn’t do the things we needed to do.  That starts with me, I need to play better and eliminate, obviously, the mistake at the end.  We have to play 60 minutes, that’s all it boils down to.”

On the running game helping in the first half: “We ran the ball extremely well.  Of course the one big one was Travis [Benjamin] on the reverse.  I thought we ran the ball extremely well in the first half.  That opened up a lot of things, play action, in the passing game.  The guys up front, I thought, played extremely well. That’s a talented front four, they are deep, they rotate guys in that are also really good.  We just weren’t able, offensively, to play for a full four quarters.”

DB Tashaun Gipson:

On the interception in the red zone: “Anytime you make a ‘pick’ in the red zone that is huge, it’s a huge feat for the defense.  Trying to put our offense in good field position, they got the ball on the thirty yard line.  That is a momentum build up for the team, hopefully killing their (Detroit) morale, but they just came back stronger and harder.  I tip my hat to them, they have good players that were in the right position, and made plays when it counted.”

On the first ‘questionable’ penalty on Joe Haden: “Good play, how they threw the flag is beyond me.  No hands, no contact or anything like that, the first contact he made was on the ball.  It’s not my job to critique the refs, but I can absolutely say that it was a clean, clean play, and I was right there probably two, three yards away.  That is my view, that is my opinion, and I am going to leave it at that.”

On the defense as a whole: “It wasn’t a tough match-up, I felt like all of our safeties, our linebackers could cover them, but Mathew Stafford is a good quarterback.  He put the ball where only his guy could get it and he made plays.”


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