Browns celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted Sep 18, 2013

The Cleveland Browns recognized Hispanic Heritage Month with a visit to The Walton School Tuesday.

The Cleveland Browns recognized Hispanic Heritage Month and Futbol Americano with a Play 60 event for 100 students at the Walton School on Tuesday. The student population at the Walton School is 60 percent Hispanic, and the school is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15.

“We brought our Play 60 movement out on site to reward the kids at Walton School who have done really, really well in school,” said Jenner Tekancic, director of community relations for the Browns. “They have good attendance. The kids are striving to be in school every day, and we’ve found that is the most important piece of a solid education.”

During the visit, players emphasized the importance of getting 60 minutes of exercise per day and led the students in relay races and other physical activities.

“Being active helps in so many ways,” tight end Jordan Cameron said. “With the obesity problem in America, it’s huge for these kids to understand the importance of getting your exercise. Whether that be playing tag, two-hand touch, basketball, baseball, football, just do something to get your body moving. It’s beneficial for these kids to know and understand that.”

Linebacker Craig Robertson added, “It’s NFL Play 60. Anything involving kids, it’s always good to show them a good role model. A lot of kids nowadays, they don’t play outside like I used to. It’s more the Xbox and video games. It’s good, just to get them outside to be active.”

Cameron and Robertson were joined by linebacker Jabaal Sheard and offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao at the Walton School. While leading a football-style relay race and interacting with the students, the players could see the impact they had on the youngest of Browns fans.

“We’re talking about playing 60 minutes a day,” Cameron said. “I saw Craig speaking about it, and it’s awesome to see these kids’ faces when you come to these events. They’re very excited for us to be here, so it was a good day.”

Sheard added, “These kids look up to us. To get them up, get them going, get them active, it’s huge. With everything going on today, to get them away from it and just get them active, it’s important.”

The Browns hold a Play 60 Challenge every fall and spring. This past spring, nearly 2,000 students represented nine Cleveland-area schools and logged more than 4.5 million minutes of physical activity. The Fall Play 60 Challenge is now open for 7th and 8th grade students. If your school wants to take the challenge, call the Cleveland Browns Community Relations Department at 440-891-5000.

The Browns’ Play 60 Movement is held in conjunction with the NFL’s nationwide initiative to promote youth health and wellness by being active for 60 minutes a day. Through various initiatives, including school visits and The Healthy Family Training Camp, the Browns promote Play 60 in the local community to ensure kids and families learn ways to live healthy lifestyles.

“Growing up, we didn’t have things of this nature, so it’s definitely encouraging the kids to be active and to work out,” Lauvao said. “Just little things like this can help.”

The Browns’ Play 60 Movement is in association with Cleveland Clinic, Medical Mutual and American Dairy Association Mideast and Fuel Up to Play 60.

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