Browns draw confidence from victory

Posted Nov 3, 2012

The Browns drew a lot of confidence from last week’s win over the San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The Cleveland Browns enter this Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Stadium with a 2-6 record on the heels of last weekend’s 7-6 home victory over the San Diego Chargers.

After stopping the Chargers on fourth down, both on the first and final drives of the game, and making a one-touchdown lead stand up for the entire contest following running back Trent Richardson’s 26-yard score on the Browns’ first possession, the team enters this week’s AFC North tilt with confidence.

“I think you build confidence when you win football games,” Browns coach Pat Shurmur said. “In the last few weeks, we’ve won a couple. It’s easy for coaches to look at the season. When you’re trying to build something, you can look at the season in quarters and halves. We’ve got half a season left to play and we’ve got some division games in there to play and we need to go out and just try to fight to win each game each Sunday and add them up at the end.

“That’s the way these guys are. I don’t think they look far down the road. These are football players. Playing football is what they do. Preparing to play a game on Sunday is what they do all week. I just try to keep them in the moment, keep their focus, so that they can keep going through the process. Make the process better and if you play well, the results should work out.”

Defensive back Joe Haden says the players know the team is good and is turning a corner that will allow the Browns to make those close losses into the victories.

“The record is completely different than how we feel as a team,” Haden said. “We know that our record could be so much better if we had a couple plays here and a couple plays there, but we feel like we’re starting to make those. We’re starting to get over the hump, finally starting to climb to be a team that can go out and win consecutive games. Why not win three games in a row? Four games in a row? Go in spurts and just keep winning.

“It’s no day off when you come play us because we have talented players, skilled players that can make plays. You can’t trick yourself into thinking you have talent. When I’m out there on the practice field going against Greg (Little) or I’m going against Josh Gordon, these dudes are really good.”

When asked about how much better his team is this week than when they met the Ravens on Sept. 27 in Baltimore, Shurmur said the players are “two wins better.”

“I see us improving,” Shurmur said. “It’s hard to quantify how much better we are. Each game is different. You could look at every game and say it’s a must win or that was a winnable game. These games are all individual little battles each week and the circumstances change. We all know this; the one you play this Sunday is the most important one. I’m looking forward to playing this game. I think we have made some improvements and I’d like to see us go out and show it.”

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