Browns postgame quotes - Nov. 3

Posted Nov 3, 2013

Postgame quotes from the Cleveland Browns' 24-18 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski

Opening statement:

“It’s a big win for us, for our organization and our guys in the locker room, a real team win. We were able to make the plays when we needed to on offense, defense and on special teams. Everybody had a hand in that victory. I give Baltimore a lot of credit in that game. They continued to battle back. They showed the type of team that they are, and as I’ve said all along this week, they’re Super Bowl champs and there’s a reason for that. I think our team and  our guys showed the type of toughness and resiliency that they’ve shown all season. That’s no surprise to me from my standpoint. We were able to do what we needed to do, as I mentioned before, and really rise up to this challenge. I think there was a lot of positives from the game just looking at it. I think offensively, we were able to get some drives, put some drives together (and) score early on. I thought that was key in the game. Red-zone offense was very good. I thought that the job (QB) Jason Campbell did again this week, and just looking at it, he was hurting out there, and he was able to keep fighting through and was able to make some huge plays. He made some big-time throws and was able to convert on some fourth downs and really make some key plays for us to get the win. I think our defense in the first half was excellent and really played well, short of that last drive there that they had. (P) Spencer Lanning punted very well against a great return team. Again, I think that our guys, when it was a time to win, they were able to go and make the plays and get it done. There was some things that, obviously, were not as good that we’ll continue to work on and improve on. Early on, we used a couple timeouts. We need to be more efficient in those situations with substitutions and so forth. We’ll get that corrected. I think we lost our composure at a couple of points and got some penalties that were unnecessary, but these are all things that we can correct. Again, it’s one game. This gives us a nice chance to have nice momentum going into the bye week and where we can focus on what we need to do going forward and getting ready for the last seven games.”

On what went into the decisions to go for it on fourth down:

“The one early, down at the goal line was fourth-and-1. I felt good about what we had game-plan wise to be able to score. I think it was important in this game for our guys to have the mentality to play to win. That drive, I think, exemplified that, and we were able to convert on it fortunately and get the score on it. The one late in the game, fourth down as well, we had an opportunity on fourth-and-1 or fourth-and-short, maybe a little more than one on that one. We had the opportunity to take the game at that point, and it was a potential punt situation, but Baltimore was playing so well and was able to drive so well. I felt good about our guys and us being able to convert and get that first down right there. Jason made a whale of a play. He scrambled, bought himself time, (WR) Davone (Bess) kept working to get open and (it was a) huge play.”

On why he called plays to WR Davone Bess on both fourth down plays, despite his performance against Kansas City:

“Because I trust him and because I know the type of person he is that he’s going to bounce back from the week before. You get to know people and you get to trust people and feel about them in this way, and Davone Bess is one of those people.”

On second thoughts on going for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter:

“No, we were going for it all the way. It was just a matter of the play selection.”

On if there was a conscious effort or emphasis on how the team played with ‘swagger’:

“This is a tough division. The teams we’re going to play in this division and have played in this division are outstanding. I mentioned and talked about it earlier in the week, we’ve been a kid brother in this division for a long time. You have to go play, and if want to change that, then you have to go do things to change it. I think that the guys’ approach this week was outstanding. They believed, and it’s a matter of actions and getting it done on the field, and we were able to get it done on the field today. I think that the last three weeks have taught us some things that as much as you hate losing, but you look at the three weeks and see different stretches of different games, sometimes in the first half, sometimes maybe in a quarter, sometimes in the second half where we played very well against some very good football teams. I think that overall that’s helped us, and knowing that, we just have to string it together and put it together.”

On if WR Greg Little’s penalties added to the ‘swagger’ of how the team played:

“I think that’s part of a team coming out. We were very excited, fired up to play. At times maybe a little bit too much, but some of that comes with young guys and that enthusiasm, that ‘never say die’, that ‘never quit’ attitude. Some of that comes with it. That’s the balance that I have to maintain as the head coach to make sure to have that and the positive things of that and then to keep our composure when we need to as well.”

On what was wrong with QB Jason Campbell and what he showed by returning to the game:

“His ribs. He hurt is ribs, and obviously, he was able to continue. It just says a lot about him. You guys know how I feel about Jason and how he’s a tough guy, he’s a team guy and you can just tell. There’s no way he was going to come out of that game. He was going to keep playing. Again, I can’t reiterate the plays he made were huge down the stretch there.”

On the conviction he had for himself and his players to go for it on fourth down when the score was 0-0:

“Yeah, we talked about it already. I feel good about what we had from a game-plan standpoint, our ability to execute those things. Again, you play a team like Baltimore, you have to make some things happen, and that’s the attitude that we had going into the game. I’m going to be aggressive. It’s not just a matter of being reckless, but it’s a matter of being aggressive. Sometimes it’s going to work; sometimes it’s not going to work; and I understand that. Fortunately, it paid off today.”

On Little’s injury and his contribution when WR Josh Gordon and TE Jordan Cameron were covered:

“It’s huge. That’s the kind of team you want to have is where if it’s a Josh or if it’s Jordan, if people are focusing on them and taking them away, that you have other options and those guys are producing when they have their opportunities. Greg made some great catches today, some big plays for us. His shoulder was what the issue was, and we’ll get it checked out. I also have some other guys that I have to mention to you on the injury report. But again, Greg really stepped up his game today, and it was great to see.”

On injuries:

“We had Campbell; we talked about the ribs with Jason. (TE) MarQueis Gray had a hamstring and did not return. (LB Quentin) Groves had an ankle and did not return, and (LB) Eric Martin had a knee and did not return. We’ll get more details on those later. (LB Darius) Eubanks was the last one. He’s being evaluated for a head injury.”

On if Groves hurt the same ankle that he injured previously:


On what happened on the last drive in the first half that led to Baltimore scoring:

“I think they did a great job all day long. It’s a tough offense. Obviously, (Ravens QB Joe) Flacco is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and has a lot of weapons around him. They were able to, at times, have success, which they’re going to do. It’s going to happen. I thought our first-half play was outstanding. The last drive was really just two big plays that we gave up, one on a double-move and the other on just a blown coverage. We’ll get back, and those are things we can correct and continue to work on and get better at.”

On being aggressive on fourth down and if he was as aggressive as the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator:

“Well, I couldn’t make the decisions to go for it back then [laughter]. But again, I think it’s something from day one that I’ve talked to the team about and really worked to build that identity and that philosophy within the team. These guys understand it, and they want to be that way and want to play that way. You can say it, and you can say it, and you can talk about it but you have to do it on the field. Again, sometimes it’s going to work; sometimes it’s not going to work; but when it doesn’t work, just know when those guys want to play that way and love playing that way and our defense wants us to play that way. Everybody buys into how we’re playing and how we do it.”      

DB Joe Haden:

On his interception

I got a triple move with Torrey Smith. So, I was just running back there with him. When I saw he [Flacco] threw the ball, I knew it was high. I didn’t know how far it was going to go, so I saw Gibson right under it. I was just waiting behind, waiting for Gibson to get the pick and as soon as it got tipped I was like, ‘oh, thank you, my chance is now’. So I just went and tried to dive and pick it off.”

On putting this game in perspective

“This is one of the biggest wins for us. When we beat Cincinnati earlier in the season; that was big. This game right here, just hearing about how they’ve been beating us down for such a long time and it’s finally like we just stepped up and we’re not accepting that anymore. Like I said before, I wasn’t trying to go on them saying they weren’t the Ravens of old. I was just saying it’s completely new faces over there and completely new faces over here. It’s a different game and it’s a different time. I mean no disrespect to them at all, but they’re a really good team and it was a really good game and we fought to the end.”

On being the first game the Browns have put together four quarters

“Exactly. That’s exactly right. We had to fight the whole game. At the end of the first half, that’s not how we wanted to go into halftime. We came back out, on the first drive their offense had the ball -- no points. We made sure they had to punt the ball. We felt it this whole game, that we just want them to lose. No matter what was going on, we just felt like we needed to win this game.”

DL Phil Taylor:

On controlling their running game

“What they did, they changed their offense up. [Vonta] Leach probably had two or three offensive snaps, they’re not going to win like that and we knew we could take advantage of them.”

On if he thought he was going to break Ray Rice in half when he stuffed him

“No, man, I was just trying to get him to the ground.”

On if there was bad blood with Ray [Rice] after the game

“No, after the game he came up to me and shook my hand. It was good.”

On if [Joe] Flacco is the same guy as last year

“It’s like Joe [Haden] said, and I said too, they’re not the same team as they were last year. I don’t know what’s going on, but they’re not the same team.”

On if they had to regroup at halftime because of the Ravens’ late second quarter play

“No. It’s football. We’d been shutting them down the whole game and they got one play. So, we came back, started strong the second half.”

DB Buster Skrine:

On restarting themselves last week at halftime against the Chiefs

“That was a big turning point for our defense. We want to be a consistent defense, we want to be the best defense overall. The whole game we’re just saying ‘just keep on pounding them, keep on pounding them’ and that’s what we did.”

On prepping themselves to defend a three point lead against Joe Flacco

“Every time we play the Ravens it’s a good rivalry. The game is always close, but we came out on top today. The Ravens, they’re going to fight till the end and we wanted to do the same because we wanted this win.”

On beating the Ravens

“D’Qwell (Jackson) told me he beat them once. We have a young team and most of the people here have lost to the Ravens, so we’re just glad to get over the hump.”

On their chances in the division

“Yeah, we’ve got a good chance of going to the playoffs now. We’ve got to play Cincinnati again and the Steelers twice. So, we’re just going to go in on Tuesday and build off what we’ve done today.”

LB Paul Kruger:

On what it feels like being on the Browns’ side of the rivalry after being a Raven
“It feels amazing. We’ve been working hard and trying to do everything we can to get some wins under our belt. Now we’re at a point in the season where every game is absolutely crucial and to come out here and have a conference win like this is really important for us.”

On being a key in coming out strong from his experience with Baltimore

“Our team had a lot of energy. Our defense was very focused, we knew what we had to do to win this game and it’s [Baltimore] a good team and we knew it was going to take everything we had to come out here and get a win. Everybody stepped up, made some big plays and offense was just holding it down for us the whole game. It was an all-out team game and big win for us.”

On getting this win going into the bye week

“We’re in a perfect position right now. We just have to keep the momentum going. We prepared hard for these guys and now we’ll have a little time off to get the body nice and healthy. We’re right where we want to be.”

On the conference being wide open with tonight’s win and Cincinnati and Pittsburgh losing this week

“It seems like it. Like I said, I think we’re putting ourselves in position to be right where we want to be. We just need to focus like this every game. The city gave us so much support tonight. The fans made it a hell of a game for us and against a team like that, a rival game, especially a conference game, that was just a big deal for us.”

On the first time the Browns have put together four good quarters

“I’d have to think back about it, but it seems like it. We had a lot of nice momentum going. We had some big stops. They made some good plays; that’s a great team we faced. We did what it took to win the game and, golly, it just feels good. I think we’ve come up short a few times in the past couple weeks and so, this one means a lot, because not only did we do what we know we can do, at the same time it’s a conference game.”

QB Jason Campbell:

On how he was feeling

“We just had some x-rays done so we’ll find out something probably later on tonight or tomorrow.”

On possibly breaking some ribs

“No, I doubt that. I don’t really know the severity of it yet, but I doubt that they are broken.”

On the fourth down pass to Davone Bess in the fourth quarter

“It was a huge play, probably the biggest play of the game.  I was so happy for him (Bess) to come back in a similar situation from a week ago and step up to make a play to get open. I couldn’t be more proud of a guy. Davone made a great play and played a great game overall.”

On what the original play was supposed to be on that fourth down

“It was a play that we were trying to hit the running back. I’m not even sure if I called the right play, first of all. It was a play that we were trying to get something quick and get the ball out of our hands. But we also wanted to make sure that we got the first down. I didn’t want to throw it unless I knew somebody was going to be open. If we incomplete the pass, then we would have left four minutes on the clock; I said to myself that I would just have to scramble around to see if I could find somebody open.”

On it being tough to operate after the big hit earlier in the game

“It was extremely hard, I tried to do the best that I could in order to help the guys around me. They gave me time to make some plays and make some throws. I kept telling them to just give me time because my ribs were really bothering and hurting me. It was bothering me on a couple of throws, but I really wanted to cut it loose and it was kind of ‘grabbing’ me. I couldn’t really get what I wanted to put on the ball. This league is all about pressing on. With the division that we play in, I don’t think anybody at this time in the season is playing with 100 percent. There are a lot of guys that are banged up and beat up.”  

WR Davone Bess:

On the fourth-down clutch reception

“I dropped the one last week, and that definitely went through my head so I didn’t want to make the same mistake again.”

On all the offensive threats being used that hasn’t been recognized (Greg Little, Davone Bess)

“We have a lot of players, the coaches do a great job getting all of us looks, getting us all the ball and making plays.  The more and more we all can make plays, the more versatile we can be, the harder it is to cover us.”

On the coach’s calls to go for it on fourth down

“That’s his mindset, that’s his mentality.  That was one of the first things he told us when we got here.  That we are going to have an attacking mindset, and whatever he dials up, we are ready.”

On beating both the Ravens and Bengals at home

“We have to keep our heads down, when going into the bye week.  Rest up a little bit but we have to stay the course, this is only one football game.”

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