Browns thoughts while packing for Indianapolis

Posted Feb 22, 2012

Senior Editor Vic Carucci shares his thoughts about the Browns as he gets ready to take “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford” to the Combine.

Here are some Browns thoughts as we pack up “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford” and move it to Indianapolis for the Combine, from where we will broadcast on Thursday and Friday:

>>The door has not been closed on Colt McCoy to continue to be the Browns’ starting quarterback. Pat Shurmur made that clear Wednesday during an informal session with reporters and during an appearance on “Cleveland Browns Daily.” Shurmur said he thinks McCoy can be “very good” if he works at areas he needs to improve, such as footwork, having a better feel for progressions of receivers’ routes, and for the targets to whom he is throwing. “If he plays at a high level like I think he can, when he makes these improvements, that means he can helps us win football games,” Shurmur said.

>>That doesn’t rule out the Browns selecting a quarterback with the fourth overall pick of the draft or the 22nd overall pick, or anywhere else in the draft or in free agency. Shurmur and the rest of the Browns’ coaches are joining the player evaluation process in earnest by traveling to Indianapolis today with the team’s player-personnel staff and scouts. “We start adding our piece and our likes and dislikes about players to the already immense amount of information that our scouts have,” Shurmur said. “I’m looking forward to getting down there and meeting the players. The interviews are very important, watching them compete is very important … we’ll get all the information we can so that we can make educated decisions in the draft.”

>>The door hasn’t been closed on the Browns re-signing running back Peyton Hillis, who is due to become a free agent. Although Shurmur made no firm commitment along those lines, he did say, “I really liked what I saw when he was in there playing healthy.”

>>Shurmur and new offensive coordinator Brad Childress are comfortable with the arrangement of Shurmur continuing to call plays from the sidelines while Childress works from the coaches’ box. “I would just say that it really is all collaborative,” Childress said. “It’s not like somebody’s going to pull something out from 1965 and everybody goes, ‘What the hell is that?’ It’s all about the game-planning … everybody has a hand in it … and I’m good with it.”

>>We’re excited about our Combine shows. Shurmur will make a return visit on Friday. Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar will join us on Thursday and Friday. We’ll also have interviews with national draft analysts.

>>One of the best parts about the Combine experience is getting a chance to talk with many of the draft prospects. You’ll be hearing those interviews on the radio show the days and weeks leading up to the draft in April.

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