Buy Browns single-game tickets Tuesday

Posted Jul 29, 2013

BEREA, Ohio -- Single-game tickets for the 2013 Cleveland Browns’ regular-season games go on sale, Tuesday, July 30.

BEREA, Ohio -- Every time a bell rings, a Cleveland Browns fan finds his seat!

The Browns have recorded more season-ticket sales in 2013 than any other year since their return to the NFL in 1999, and the sales’ staff recognizes each sale with the ringing of a bell. The Browns are expecting that momentum from the season-ticket sales to spread into Tuesday’s single-game ticket on-sale, which starts at 10 a.m./ET.

“We have so many great fans here, and I want us to have the best home-field advantage in the NFL,” said Browns president Alec Scheiner. “I think we have the best fans. Now, we need to turn that into our best home-field advantage.

“That’s on us to create an environment where the fans can thrive. I want it to be so you can’t get a seat in our stadium, and if you’re with an opposing team, you can’t get a seat in our stadium, and when we win three straight games, no one wants to come play in our stadium. This is step one on that path.”

The Browns have had over 90 percent of their season-ticket holders renew for the 2013 season, and have sold more seats, club seats and formed more new marketing partnerships than in any other point since 1999, something chief executive officer Joe Banner attributed to owner Jimmy Haslam’s passion for the team.

“There’s a lot of optimism and positive feelings about where the franchise is heading, and I think it started with (Jimmy) taking over leading the team, the vision he had and then, the team we’ve put around him,” Banner said prior to the start of training camp.

Based off of the success of the season-ticket sales, Scheiner and the Browns have optimism for what the future holds for the team and the fans.

“We hope we get good enough at what we do and we’re good enough on the field that this single-game ticket sale, which we’ll always have, becomes harder and harder to access,” Scheiner said. “We’re getting there. We hope there’s a lot of excitement around it because we think some of our games will sell out very quickly once we open this up.

“It just makes us feel like we’re laying the right foundation, and that we’re working hard and we’re listening to our fans and that will result in better business for us, which then results in a better product on the field because we can take those revenues and reinvest them with the team.”

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