Campbell to start Sunday

Posted Dec 6, 2013

Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell will start Sunday against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell has been cleared for contact after suffering a concussion in a 27-11 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 24, and will start Sunday against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Campbell returned to football activities Wednesday and the practice field Thursday.

“He’s had a good two days of practice, been very sharp, and he’ll be our starter for this weekend,” Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said. “We’re excited about that, and getting two days in, we’re looking forward to getting him back on the field.

“You go with the doctors. I feel confident in them, and as I mentioned, it’s important that he’s been here. On Wednesday, he was able to walk-through and do the things. He’s been in the meetings and to go out on the practice field and be as sharp as he’s been is important. I have all the confidence in the world in Jason.”

Campbell said the concussion against Pittsburgh was the second of his career and he had to overcome headaches, light-headedness and dizziness before being tested by doctors to see if he was physically ready for a return to activities.

“I feel great,” Campbell said. “The training staff’s done an outstanding job taking the protocols seriously, and making sure that before you get back out on the field that you’re 100 percent ready to go. I had a great two days of practice, and we’ll see where we go.

“It’s been a roller-coaster season. There’s been some highs and some lows. Hopefully, over these next four weeks, we can just focus, especially myself, focus on throwing and try to get better. I feel healthy now. Everything is healthy. It’s probably the best I’ve felt since I got the chance to go.”

According to Chudzinski, Campbell was “very motivated” to return to the starting lineup and sharp with his decision-making and getting the ball to his teammates throughout the two days of practice.

“All along the way, I had no doubts that Jason wanted to get back as soon as possible,” Chudzinski said. “He’s very highly respected with the team. He cares about the guys on the team, and I know he wants to do whatever he can to help.

“Jason has really been a big part of a number of games, some big wins and has been making a lot of plays for us. His leadership, as I’ve mentioned many times, is critical with the group of young guys that he’s playing with and helping mold them and bring them along. A lot of the intangibles that you can’t see all the time, he’s brought.”

For Campbell, returning to the team for the final four games of the season, three of which will be played away from FirstEnergy Stadium, was “very important.”

“It’s frustrating having to sit at the house last week because you haven’t played all season and all of a sudden, you get a chance to play and you get hurt,” Campbell said. “It throws off the rhythm and trying to get a chemistry with the guys. I just felt like things happen for a reason. It was tough to sit out, but I thought it was important to get back playing.

“It’s just good to be back with the guys. When you’re sitting home alone, you feel like you’re missing something. You’re away from it like you’re being punished or something, like I’ve been suspended from school. I’m just glad to be back out here with the guys and finish the season together. Let’s put together four great games and play the best we can.”

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