Childress press conf. transcript - 10/4

Posted Oct 4, 2012

The transcript of offensive coodinator Brad Childress's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress Press Conference 10-4-12

(On what has to be done to maximize Trent Richardson’s potential) – “It all starts getting into rhythm. It probably starts with running the football and running it a little bit better, and then I think his catches will come in the pass game. He’s obviously shown some explosion in the passing game, but I would say being able to run the football a little bit better.”

(On how he would assess the offensive line with run blocking) – “If we’re calling it and sometimes I haven’t done a great job of calling it as much as I need to, it has been okay. I wouldn’t say we’ve been overpowering, but then again that’s driven by lack of calls.”

(On Brandon Weeden and the progress he made against the Ravens) – “I thought he made some in-game adjustments where he missed a blitz opportunity. The one that Greg (Little) dropped down the middle, he got that exact same look and exact same play earlier and missed the read. I thought coming back and being decisive with that, that was a full pressure and I thought he was seeing things good.”

(On if Brandon Weeden has done a good job of going through his progressions) – “I feel like he is. I feel like that’s always, for a young quarterback, that’s always getting to your two’s and three’s and backside number four’s. That’s always a work in progress. They know the system forward and backward, but yet being able to come off of one and get to three, it’s easier said than done sometimes because that’s where it starts. You’d hate it if all of a sudden they’re snapping to three and they shortcut the read. I feel like he’s getting there.”

(On if dropped passes can be deflating to quarterbacks) – “It’s deflating from the standpoint that those are drive-stoppers typically. It’s like a zero gain when you think you have a plus play. I don’t know if it deflates quarterbacks, but it’s not a good thing. It can be deflating for your offense because you feel like you’ve got a call and you have an opportunity and it gives you an opportunity to progress in the drive.”

(On if dropped passes affect his play calling during a game to avoid more drops) – “Not so much just from the standpoint that we’re a progression scheme and you’re always trying to call plays that attack (the) defense. You can’t ever get in that mode and I don’t think you can get in that mode as a quarterback either saying, ‘Oh, I can’t throw it to that guy.’ That would entail short-cutting the read and doing something that we say we don’t want to do. If that’s the first kind of progression and you say you’re not going to throw it to him and he’s open then you’ve got issues. I’ve seen that become an issue before so you can’t ever do that. You’ve got to stay true to the system.”

(On what the correct way is for a quarterback to deal with dropped passes in terms of interaction with the receivers and if the quarterback should get on the receiver) – “Generally it’s more encouraging than getting on. If they dropped it they dropped it in front of God and everybody so everybody knows. They don’t feel particularly good about it, but usually it’s an ‘Atta boy’ instead of a kick in the pants.”

(On if he has seen that type of interaction with Brandon Weeden and his receivers) – “I see it all the time. I’ve seen it from the beginning of training camp and on. You see it with all of those guys back and forth. Our quarterbacks are pretty good about that, just like you don’t like a wide receiver to show up a quarterback if the balls errant or it’s inaccurate.”

(On the challenges of heading into this game without several offensive players) – “I always say many hands make light work so it gives an opportunity to some other guys. We would love to have all the tools available to us. If we do, we do, if we don’t, we don’t. You prepare with the guys that are practicing today and tomorrow and the next day and then at the end you have a plan. I know the game is going to be played with the guys that we have.”

(On if he feels that Josh Gordon is ready for a bigger role in the offense) – “Yeah, I thought he had his best practice as a professional yesterday.”

(On if he has noticed any frustration in Trent Richardson not being able to get the rushing yards he is accustomed to) – “All those guys, whether it’s receivers or running backs, they’d love the ball every single time. Unfortunately there’s only one. The quarterback would love to throw it every time and the running back would like to carry it every time. I don’t sense his frustration. Five yards a carry in this league would be pretty tall cotton. It would be pretty good. I think he understands that grinding some of those two’s and three’s and four’s is good work and then you’re going to get some of those six’s and seven’s and eight’s. I don’t sense a frustration only from the standpoint he’d like to do more and you kind of appreciate that attitude.”

(On the New York Giants’ defensive line) – “(Jason) Pierre-Paul, he’s kind of a freaky guy. You’ve all seen the YouTube things of him doing back handsprings. He’s a rare athlete for a man that big and it presents some special problems and he doesn’t just rush from that end position. They kick him inside in the nickel and he rushes over the guard and center too. He has a long reach and matter of fact I was just watching the Super Bowl game and watched him back balls back at a 6’5” Tom Brady, so he presents some problems in the front. He can ruin a game if you’re not in tuned to where he’s at in a hurry. You have him and you have (Justin) Tuck on the other side. Like I said, all those guys, it’s interesting because they all play all long the defensive front. It’s not as if Pierre-Paul will only show up on the offenses left side. One snap he may be there, the next snap he and Tuck may have changed positions and then you’re in nickel and all of a sudden he’s inside rushing over a guard. All those guys play all along the front and I think that’s the thing that makes them unique as well.”

(On if he expected Josh Gordon to have a long adjustment period due to the lack of offseason activities) – “I don’t know how long ‘long’ is relatively speaking, we’re really in the beginning part of the season here. Different people’s light comes on at different times. With what I said about yesterday’s practice, we’re interested to watch today come about and then stack some good plays back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. It could be because he senses that he might have more of an opportunity.”

(On what he saw in Josh Gordon yesterday that made him say it was his best practice) – “I didn’t see any hesitation, I didn’t see him thinking about anything. I saw him playing fast, catching the football, doing all of the things that you expect to see from a professional receiver.”

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