Childress press conf. transcript - 11/15

Posted Nov 15, 2012

The transcript of offensive coordinator Brad Childress's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress Press Conference 11-15-12

(On if a week away was good for his quarterback) – “I think it was good for everybody, not specifically him. I think it gives you a chance to kind of watch everybody else work so to speak. Just kind of drain where you’re not up all the time. I would think that it was good for everybody.”

(On if Brandon Weeden becoming more vocal is a natural progression for him) – “I think it really is a natural progression and it’s not something that, I don’t care if you’re Andrew Luck or whoever, you don’t come in, jump in and start screaming and pointing. Not that he has started to do that. I just think it takes you a little while to evolve, where your voice means something besides just being the play caller.”

(On how Weeden handles criticism) – “Overtly I don’t see anything, but that’s an important facet to being a quarterback, never letting them see you sweat. I don’t think he’s internalized any of that kind of talk. For that matter, I don’t know if he’s aware of it. He has been a professional athlete before. As I say, it can’t be any worse than scrutinizing over the fact you gave up three dingers in a game or something like that.”

(On scrutiny he got in minor league baseball not being comparable to being an NFL quarterback) – “Yeah, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s your ball that they’re hitting over the fence. You know what I mean? There’s some ownership to that. It’s kind of personal. I would think, not ever having been a pitcher, but I would think.”

(On their streamline play calling process) – “It goes through a lot of staff discussions, which we had plenty in our week off. I just think we had communication issues, whether it is indecision or whether I wasn’t speaking clearly, or Pat (Shurmur) wasn’t speaking clearly, or we were caught on the last play, which you can do sometimes. Sometimes you’re irritated about what happened on the last play or what happened officiating wise. We just talked about the tempo it’s got to get in, at what point it’s got to get in and how we’re going about doing that. Who is talking on the line and when they’re talking on the line, those kinds of things.”

(On the communication issues being hard on Weeden and if it’s been an ongoing thing) – “I don’t feel like it’s been an ongoing thing. I think it reared its ugly head here recently. Hopefully, we don’t have to go through that again.”

(On if he has ever been a part of a play calling system like this) – “With two different people, with Coach (Andy) Reid and myself. You bounce things back and forth. It’s not healthy or productive to have four or five people chiming in, because that can be chaotic. Yeah, with two different people.”

(On if he is doing it the same way that he did in Philadelphia) – “Similar to that. Somebody’s got to be the guy that actually wags it into the quarterback or says it into the quarterback. Somebody’s got to be the person that’s pulling it off the card. I talk all the time about most of that leg work, heavy lifting goes on during the week. You’re kind of programmed into two or three or four choices with every segment that you go to. Whether you’re talking about from the plus five to the goal line or you’re talking about the big red zone, or you’re talking about backed up or two minute. All those things are pretty much laid out. That’s what those big sandwich board cards are about. You have your different situations on there.”

(On Weeden saying he’s surprised he hasn’t been blitzed and if he expects it to change this week) – “I don’t think Rob’s (Ryan) afraid to really blitz anybody, although just not knowing that much about Rob and having not played his defense’s very often. I think the last time we played him was (Brett) Favre’s first game. I don’t think he’s blitzing anywhere near maybe what I would have envisioned. When you say Rob Ryan and his defense, at least that’s the evidence that I see laid out in the games they’ve played so far. Are they playing good defense? Yeah. They are playing a lot of man to man? Absolutely. Will they blitz you occasionally? Yeah, but I don’t see it as a steady, one after another after another after another. Does he have the capability? I’m sure he does. I’d just prefer he doesn’t bring it out of the can this week.”

(On if you don’t succeed with the blitz no use in trying it again) – “That’s a good point. Nothing good in this league happens holding onto the football. I think Brandon kind of gets that. He’s not back there trying to hatch it or anything like that. That’s a bad deal, when you hold onto the ball. You always want to live to play another day.”

(On how difficult it is to coach being aggressive vs. protecting the ball) – “You’re right on. It’s a very delicate balance. You’ve heard me say before; I always want a guy to keep shooting. Do you want him to keep shooting and missing? No, you don’t want that. You don’t want to keep shooting and throwing it to them either, but you don’t want somebody that goes into a check down mode or you can’t get those shots up the field that we’re looking for. Some guys get that. Some guys may go to that check down mode for a couple plays after they get a scar or something like that. Some guys have the guts of a burglar. That’s kind of the thing that you’re looking for, those guys that are wired that way, which I feel like Brandon is. He throws it with merit. He doesn’t ever get too far down where he’s not looking down the field.”

(On where he would like to see Weeden improve in the last seven games) – “More touchdowns, less interceptions. I think the consistency to move the ball around to all the different spots that are available to him. I’m seeing signs of that, getting to a third read, a fourth read. I’m seeing signs of that. Although I’ve seen it before, I’ve seen it more regularly at least right now.”

(On how he balances a guy with playmaking ability but is also trying to learn) – “I think you have to challenge him. We want to challenge both their corners and their nickel guy. The one thing is your tape is your resume. Everybody looks at that, whether it be him (Morris Claiborne) or (Brandon) Carr or (Orlando) Scandrick in the slot. You kind of know what their pluses and minuses are. If you can attack in a certain way, and you think it has a high probability, you kind of have a responsibility to do that. Let’s clean up last week from the six penalties. Otherwise, I think a couple years ago, Quentin Jammer was the most penalized guy in the NFL at the cornerback position. Otherwise, you’ve got to continue to go at him and see if he can clean it up. He does have tremendous abilities and skills and big play possibility, but I wouldn’t invoke the Deion (Sanders) rule that we used to have at Philadelphia, just don’t do it. Don’t go over there because he’s baiting you, and the results not going to be good.”

(On what he remembers about his 2009 playoff game against Dallas) – “We had everything go our way. They had beaten people throughout the end of their season, including New Orleans I think at the end of their season. (They) had a great first round playoff win and seemingly were the hot team and unstoppable. We had a bye, so we were just sitting back listening to all that yimmer yammer and it was just right. We were ready and we were fresh. Everything went the right direction.”

(On if he could be a single game on his trophy case if that’s the game he would pick) – “It was a pretty good one.”

(On Weeden saying that the team got into the red zone five times last game and he did not throw one pass into the end zone and if that is due to the receivers not getting open) – “I think sometimes you say, ‘This guy’s a red zone receiver and we need to utilize fade routes.” It’s the easy thing to say. Not everybody’s going to give you a fade route because not everybody’s playing bump press man-to-man. I know you’re looking for an example to go to. Typically, you set your red zone up to go from touchdown to check down. You’re looking for a shot up the field, you’re looking for a check down, you want to stay ahead of the down and distance when you’re in the red zone. Most people are playing red zone defense now from the 15 to the goal line as opposed to the 20 which people like to say, ‘red zone.’ We see most of the similarities occur right around the 15-yard line. It’s changed by about five yards probably since I started in ’99. People are playing their base defense out there around the 20. Can we do a better job of giving him that touchdown to check down? Yeah, I’d say that when you go five times in there and you don’t have anything to show for it. Obviously, I look back at me and what we’re doing.”

(On if Weeden calling Mitchell Schwartz the smartest guy on the team sound right to him) – “Yeah, I mean, I’m not going to say he’s a savant or anything like that. He’s a smart guy.”

(On when he knew that Schwartz was going to be okay) – “He’s never had big eyes any step of the way. Maybe in that first Philadelphia game when he really felt Trent Cole or one of those guys line up on him and rush and he went, ‘Whoa, this is a little different tempo than training camp.’ Maybe right there, but I think he’s really kind of acclimated. That’s the mark of a good player, but a smart player too. He’s generally not going to get beat by the same thing twice.”

(On how big of challenge it will be for whoever has to block DeMarcus Ware) – “Well, we talk about Ware all the time and Ware is a tremendous player, but (Anthony) Spencer in his own right is unbelievably quick handed. Always has been. That’s the one thing he can be standing on the other side of you just like that. I think both those guys will be a challenge and (Schwartz) will see both of those guys from time to time throughout the game.”

(On how much more he needs to see of Weeden to make an educated guess that he’s the long term answer at quarterback) – “Probably the rest of the season. I want to see him grow here in the second half of the season, in the last seven games and play through this Cleveland-Pittsburgh weather. I want to see all of that. I want to see the whole body of work before I venture an opinion of where he’s at.”

(On if he has an inkling along the lines of Mike Holmgren saying that Weeden is the guy) – “He’s our starter and he’s given a pretty good representation of himself here. Can he improve? He’d be the first to tell you that, yeah. I think he’s doing okay for a first-year signal caller in this league.”

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