Childress press conf. transcript - 11/21

Posted Nov 21, 2012

The transcript of offensive coordinator Brad Childress' Wednesday afternoon press conference.

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress Press Conference 11-21-12

(On Trent Richardson’s second half performance against Dallas and him saying he left a lot out there) – “I don’t know that I could break it into a half because I’m not sure what he had at halftime. Did he have a couple runs he’d like to have back? He did. He probably had a couple of those from the first half as well, Mary Kay (Cabot). Ninety-five yards, it wasn’t terrible, but when a guy looks at it like I could have had 130 or something like that, then it feels like he left some meat on the bone.”

(On Richardson getting stopped four time for no gain in the second half and if he saw any consistency in those plays) – “No. I think they were all probably different kinds of plays and they were at different spots on the field. There were a couple of zero gains out there. Matter of fact, I was just sitting there going through that tape. I always like to look at it with a clean eye a couple days away. All different kinds of plays. His eyes could have been in a couple different spots that maybe would have been advantageous for him, but by in large, he’s usually going to do pretty well with those.”

(On if Richardson hit the right hole on the goal line) – “Probably could have been the hole wider.”

(On when Brandon Weeden misses a wide open throw and what it says about what is going on with him) – “(It’s) just a missed throw. When he sees that on tape he goes, ‘I never miss that throw and I never miss that throw to Coop (Josh Cooper).’ Why does that happen? I don’t know. I don’t have an explanation for that.”

(On if Weeden is too tight out there) – “I will refuse to explain it away because I can’t give you any kind of excuse. (He) just missed it. It’s a head shaker for him as well.”

(On the zone blitz run by Dick LeBeau and why it has persisted and been so good) – “He’s stayed up with the times. Offenses have changed. Their 3-4 hasn’t changed appreciably. He understands that people are attacking him probably a little bit differently right now than they were back when it was three yards and a cloud of dust. There was a time, a long time ago, when the zone blitzes first started, and he’s one of the fathers of it, that it was looked on as football that was not schematically sound. It’s funny how it has found a spot. Nobody would call it gimmicky anymore because everybody has some form of zone blitz.”

(On why the zone blitz has stayed its course) – “Just because it has evolved and he has had good players with it. It is a good scheme. It keeps you on your toes from the standpoint of how you believe a defense should play and the things you expect to happen with a 3-4 front and some different things happen. Guys rushing that may drop a lot of the time, guys dropping that may rush. I just think he’s done a great job of keeping up with the times. When you play a system consistently for the number of years he’s been there, its part of those guys and they haven’t had a lot of turnover.”

(On if the offense struggling to close out games is more on the quarterback than anyone else) – “If you look at him throwing a touchdown pass going to win a game with a minute to go, you’d flip that question and say, ‘Oh geez is that on him?’ I just tell you it’s all of us. I’d heap too much on his plate to say it’s all about the quarterback willing his way to a win. He’s not going to go out and play in the secondary or rush the passer. He’s going to stand on the sideline and watch. I don’t feel that way. I think it’s more of a team thing and we need to get over that hurdle.”

(On if it has been his experience that once they get over that hurdle they will be able to string it together a little bit) – “Yeah, it was one of those deals where you can’t believe something bad is going to happen. You have to believe something good is going to happen and you end up making that thing happen.”

(On if there is conversation going on with Richardson about the way he hits the hole and to change that) – “No, I just think that’s the pace Tony (Grossi). Both of those guys have a different pace to the hole. We talked about smooth to the hole, speed through the hole. They have a different pace and I think I mentioned it here before, Barry Alvarez taught me a long time ago that it’s a great thing to have two running backs that give you a different pace. A defense kind of screws its cleats into the ground one way for one guy and all of a sudden a guy that’s a change of pace guy comes in. We don’t wish that they’re all the same. Their pace and their tempo is their tempo. Are we coaching the same things, yeah, but their skill set is their skill set. Montario (Hardesty) gives you a little different tempo when he comes into the game.”

(On there not being a coaching point there to have Richardson quit dancing) – “No, if it’s with merit. If there’s something that you want him to be more spot on in the hole then you’re going to speak about that. I wouldn’t say that fundamentally about him.”

(On if it is always better to hit the hole faster) – “It’s not. Particularly when you’re running against the zone run scheme. You’re trying to put those offensive lineman’s blocks on linebackers at the right pace. It’s not a sprint to the hole. That’s where we talk about smooth to the hole, speed through the hole. We don’t want it to be a race to the hole, because it wouldn’t time up with what’s happening in front of them.”

(On what are Weeden’s best strengths) – “I think he’s really decisive and getting more so. I don’t see him back there, like I said, nursing the ball at all. He gets the ball out. I think it’s a testament to the offensive line and to the quarterback and all the people that protect. He’s getting the ball out, he’s not holding onto it. He’s not taking a lot of sacks. I think that’s the important thing. I think he stands strong in the pocket. He doesn’t feel the rush around him. He doesn’t look at the rush around him. That’s an important thing for a guy to be able to stand strong in the pocket.”

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi is back to full speed) – “We’re hoping we can use him more this week. It was a deal where he practiced fully last week, practiced Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He got a few plays. We kind of wanted to see him practice a full week. Unfortunately, that injury takes time. When you’re time away from it, then you’ve got to get back to football shape and football speed and all those kind of things that you do on the football field, not in the training room. Hopefully this week is the week for him.”

(On if it’s difficult to evaluate Massaquoi’s progress with his injury) – “He had a great training camp. He had a great spring. That was kind of screwy, the first play against Detroit. Then came back and had played himself into position where he showed up. It’s unfortunate that he has missed from the Buffalo game on basically. There’s plenty of football left and hopefully plenty of contribution for him left.”

(On if he got the sense that Weeden was flustered when he got the strip sack and almost threw an interception) – “I didn’t. He’s usually pretty composed. He’s not going to come off and ahhh. That’s not the way he’s wired. I appreciate the fact that he’s not wired that way because then you can get the best out of him on the next series. He’s not still thinking about the last series.”

(On how Travis Benjamin’s skill set fits into Weeden’s skill set) – “You’d like to say take his speed, run him deep and throw him the ball, but you know they’re playing defense on that side of the ball too. They’re kind of legislating against that all the time. Travis is playing himself back from an injury as well. He’s going to take some selective snaps. We try to use all those guys. I think the days of seeing a guy play 70 plays, there’s an ‘x’ and a ‘z’ and they both play 70 plays. We’re not using them that way. We’re using them in different packages and mixing different guys with each other. I guess we don’t become predictable, but also we’ve got to keep those guys fresh.”

(On if the receivers had their best pass catching game of the year against Dallas) – “I don’t know. I don’t think I saw it as their best pass catching game, but if you say so.”

(On if there were any drops in that game) – “There were a couple drops in that game. Yes there were.”

(On if he’s encouraged by Greg Little’s performance’s) – “I’m encouraged by him. I think he’s playing steadier and steadier. Steady is all you want from a football player. If you play steady, the splash plays will come. You make the routine plays routinely, then the really big plays end up coming. I appreciate that I know what standard I’m going to get from him when he gets on the football field.”

(On what does he do to get more out of Richardson) – “I liked the fact that we had 33 rushing attempts. He didn’t have all 33 obviously. I like the fact that we were able to rush the ball 33 times. There are times when you’re not able to do that. How does this specifically pertain to him? Hopefully, he’s the guy that we’re talking about that’s rushing the ball most of the time. We can coach him up and get him a little bit better, and get his eyes back in the right spot if they happen to wander in the wrong spot.”

(On if he thinks Hardesty will get a little more playing time) – “We’ll look to spot him in there. It’s not a deal where I would tell you, ‘Hey, he’s definitely going to have the third series of the game.’ I don’t think we’re to that position yet.”

(On the possibility of going to a no-huddle offense more consistently) – “We actually were trying to play at a quick pace early in the game, except we had all that shift in motion going on early in the game. You need some time to be able to accomplish that at the last scrimmage, so it’s not up in second color all the time. We were playing at a pretty quick clip I thought early in the game. Are you saying let him go no huddle? I think that’s a little double edge there. I’m not sure if we’re quite there yet, but we certainly practice it and have to be able to do it from time to time.”

(On if the situation in Dallas with Weeden was too big for him) – “I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s too big for him. I’ve never had a sense that any of this is too big for Brandon Weeden at all. I don’t think that particular situation that you’re talking about, that he was cowering away from it, or it was too much for him.”

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