Chudzinski 'pleased' with camp work

Posted Apr 17, 2013

After two days of minicamp, coach Rob Chudzinski is happy with the work the players have put in.

After the second practice of the Cleveland Browns’ voluntary minicamp Wednesday, coach Rob Chudzinski said he was “pleased” with the effort the players have brought to the field and the transfer of knowledge from the meeting rooms to practice.

“We’ve had two great days, gotten a lot of work done in these two days,” Chudzinski said. “Guys have really shown up. They’re hungry, ready to go. There’s a lot of energy, a lot of excitement out there.

“The tempo is a huge part of what we’re trying to relay to these guys of how we want to practice, so that tempo has been fast. You have to balance that with a lot of the new things, and sometimes, guys aren’t lining up exacting right. Right now, we’re at the stage where you want to slow that down and do it, but we want that tempo to be increasing as we go.”

Chudzinski said the coaching staff has thrown a lot at the players in terms of the installation of both the offenses and the defenses. After going through two sets of install, one each on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday’s practice will be a mixture of the first two practice sessions.

“We are pretty aggressive with the install schedule,” Chudzinski said. “We like to give them a lot, so day two was just as much as day one. The previous weeks, we had worked on those first two installs in the classroom, so they’ve seen it a little bit for the last couple weeks, and then, actually get on the field and work a day one install yesterday, and a day two install today.

“We’ve mixed in and worked some different situations, gotten to introduce some third-down. That’s been good from that standpoint. We’ll continue to work on our install, but the guys have had a lot of energy and it’s been good. Hopefully, tomorrow, we’ll get a chance to get out on the practice field and get outside.”


In his rookie season last fall, Browns running back Trent Richardson was second on the team with 51 receptions. He led the team in catches for most of the year, until missing the final game because of an ankle injury sustained in the team’s loss at Denver on Dec. 23.

Richardson turned those 51 catches in 367 yards and one touchdown, a 23-yard effort in which he spun around, stutter-stepped past and ran through several tackle attempts in a loss at Cincinnati.

“Trent has some unique skills,” Chudzinski said. “He can actually catch the ball well; run routes well out of the backfield. That’s one thing out of the last few days that we’ve been able to see. He’s a guy that we can play on three downs, and we have to keep him fresh.”


By getting the players on the field for the additional minicamp because of the head-coaching change earlier this year, the Browns have more opportunities to see what their charges can do, and how they adapt to different situations.

“One of the biggest things is tailoring your system to the players,” Chudzinski said. “Everybody has a million plays, but trying to fit what your guys do best and putting them in the best position to win is the key. Right now, we’re building that foundation, building the base of what we want to be, not just as an offense, but as a team.”

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