Chudzinski press conf. transcript - 4/16

Posted Apr 16, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski Press Conference 4-16-13

(On what chance Jason Campbell has to compete with Brandon Weeden for the starting role)- “Right now we are going through and Brandon got the reps with the ones today. We are taking a look at it. It’s early in the process, just seeing what guys are taking from the meeting room out to the field. We will work through that process. Campbell will get some reps with the ones as well along the way. But this is a long, long process that we are going to have and there is a long time between now and our opener. We’ve got plenty of time and this is just the first step.”

(On when he would like to have that figured out)- “We’ll see how they do and how that works. I am not going to put a date or a time that it is has to be done by.”

(On his impressions of the first day)- “It’s great to be out there. Finally, we get a chance to get out with these guys and get on the field. You watch tape and you are in the office hanging around the coaches and we get sick of each other of a while (joking) so seeing these guys out for the first day – I was impressed with the team. I thought the energy, the effort and the focus were all outstanding. This is a hungry group and that’s something to work with for sure.”

(On what he saw from Brandon Weeden today)- “We’ll have to go up and look at the film. Like I said it’s been one day. The energy, the effort, the focus was outstanding. Obviously the execution, we have a lot of work to do, but it’s a good start. We will go and look at the tape. These three days, I think it’s important to understand that this is a learning camp more so than it is an evaluation camp or an assessment camp. Like I said, this is our first chance to get on the field with these guys and really teach them on the field what we want and for them to understand how we want to practice and bring those things together.”

(On how much of the offense has been installed)- “We’ve only put in a portion of the offense. They have done a good job, we have thrown a lot at them so far and that’s always the way I have been around doing it. You throw as much as you can at them and see what sticks and keep working through it and get better and better and better.”

(On why this offense will be more suited for Weeden compared to what he ran last year)- “I am not really going to comment at all on what he did last year. I don’t know enough to know with that. As I’ve said before, you see a young guy who has some tools. He has a good arm and has the ability to get the ball down the field. We look and project that into the things we are going to try to do and obviously teach him. You are looking for progress from a guy who was a rookie and showed progress during his rookie season. You want to see him take the next step to his second year. Hopefully, he will do that and we have to teach him a new offense in the meantime.”

(On if he has interacted with Jimmy Haslam in the last 24 hours and his thoughts on that news)- “I haven’t. Obviously, I don’t know too much with what’s going on with that situation. I’ve got enough on my plate here and nothing has changed in terms of us and what we are doing.”

(On how the team is grasping the new things)- “I think very good. I think the focus is great. We have thrown a lot at them. They have been able to execute fairly well. Guys are getting lined up and understanding what they have and when they make mistakes, they understand they are making mistakes so it’s a matter of correction and that is an ongoing process that we will go through.”

(On Trent Richardson)- "He's really moving well, I think that's the thing that jumped out at me. He's moving around and he's quicker than what you see on tape at times. Obviously, with his size and his running ability, we're excited about getting a chance to work with him."

(On Jason Pinkston)- "Good news for Jason, we've cleared him. We'll incrementally get him going back to where he can get on the field and start practicing again. That'll take a little bit of time to do that."

(On David Nelson)- "David's rehabbing his knee right now, and we're expecting him to be ready for training camp."

(On the team's workout of Geno Smith)- "We've had the chance to work out a number of guys and all have gone well. I'm not going to get too much into detail on those. I know that we're going to talk later on this week about some of the draft things."

(On Richardson's rushing average last season)- "Really, I'm looking more forward to what we want to do with him. If you look at both my history and Norv’s (Turner) history, featuring a running back and I think Trent has all those qualities that you'd want in someone who is going to be able to carry the load and be a big part of our running game."

(On if Shayne Graham and Brandon Bogotay are competing for the same position)- "We brought Shayne in to bring some competition to the position. We'll continue to look at the kicker position to see where we can go with it and who is going to get it. We'll also be looking for other guys out there."

(On if he would consider keeping a kicker as a kickoff specialist)- "We'll just have to see when it gets down to the time to decide between a kicker and another position player."

(On what he saw from Jason Campbell)- Again, there’s not a lot to see on the field. We'll see when we get up there and watch a little tape. As far as the meetings go, I've been impressed with all three of the quarterbacks in terms of them picking things up and being able to verbalize and understand things in the meetings. Then, again, when you get out here it's a little bit of a different story. You have a defense and you are moving on the field. That's a process that normally takes some time for everyone."

(On if he thinks his offense fits Weeden’s attributes better than the offense he was in previously)- "I'm not going to make a comparison on that. I can only speak to, as I did before, as far as what I saw in Brandon."

(On Jabaal Sheard switching positions)- "He has picked things up very well. Interestingly, I know there were a number of 3-4 teams that looked at him when he was coming out of college that were really interested in him. He has picked it up well and I've been impressed with him from a mental stand point and what he has been able to bring out to the field."

(On if Sheard has the ability to drop back into coverage)- "I think he does."

(On if Sheard will have to drop weight)- "I think just about where he is, is fine."

(On if Sheard can he be an elite pass rusher)- "We'll see. Again, we'll need time out with all these guys. I do like the skills and ability I have seen while watching the film from last year. Some of the rush ability that he brings and I think Brian (Baker) will do a great job coaching them up."

(On if minicamp can help the team with draft preparation)- "They really don't. As far as our draft board, we have our draft board and it is what it is. This is separate. I'll reiterate again, this is more of a learning camp than it is an assessment camp. That's how we are approaching it."

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