Chudzinski press conf. transcript - 9/13

Posted Sep 13, 2013

The transcript of Cleveland Browns coach Rob Chudzinski's Friday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “We’ll start out and go through the injury status for this game. (OL) Shawn Lauvao is out for this game. (DL Ahtyba) Rubin is doubtful, (DB) T.J. Ward is questionable, (WR) Travis Benjamin is questionable. (DB) Buster (Skrine) and (LB Barkevious) Mingo are both probable. We had a good week of practice. Every day I feel like we’ve gotten better out there. Our guys are really embracing this challenge and are excited for the opportunity to play.”

On Mingo playing, despite being listed as probable: “He practiced all week, so we listed him as probable.”

On anticipation of seeing Mingo play: “Yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing him out on the field. We’ll certainly welcome him back.”

On how much playing time Mingo will get: “We don’t have a set snap number. We’ll work him in there and see how things go as the game progresses with him.”

On expecting more from RB Bobby Rainey than last week against Miami: “He’ll be better, and understanding things better and just getting extra days of practice and working with our guys and just understanding the system better.”

On Baltimore RB Ray Rice: “He’s a fantastic player. He does it all. He blocks, he can run the ball, as you know, he’s an outstanding receiver. He’s a threat in a lot of different ways and a guy we definitely have to know where he is at all times.”

On having LB Paul Kruger on the team: “Well we’re awfully glad to have Paul here. He’s been a lot more than just a player for us. He’s a leader and a guy that our players really respect and look up to. Certainly we’re needing him to have a big game this week.”

On receiving corps having to step up: “Yeah I think that those guys, we need them to step up. I know a lot of those guys want to be better and get better and have over the course of this week in practice. I think they’re dialed in and ready to do that.”

On why he promoted WR Tori Gurley to the active roster: “Tori is a real competitive guy. He really showed well on special teams. He showed up on a lot of our coverage units. He’s a guy who is always there. He’s able to make plays and catches. He’s a big target. It was from a need standpoint of something that we had to do and we had the availability to do it.”

On difficulty in carrying six receivers when WR Josh Gordon comes back from suspension: “The roster is always fluid as you go through the course of the season. I’ve carried six before. I’ve carried five before. It just depends on what you have going on at other positions and injuries all play into it.”

On OL Oniel Cousins progressing through practice: “He has. He’s worked extremely hard this week. He’s been the last guy coming off the field. I saw him in the weight room doing extra things and out here doing extra things on his day off. You can’t ask for anything more. He’s really working at it and wants to do well. I expect him to be better this week and looking forward to playing Baltimore.”

On WR Greg Little wanting to improve from last week against Miami: “Yeah, we all want to get better and we all need to be better, making those connections, those catches and making good throws and being able to make that happen. That goes for the quarterbacks and the receivers and the protection. We just have to get everything synchronized so we get a rhythm and get going and can sustain some drives.”

On RB Trent Richardson wanting to get the ball more: “Absolutely. I love hearing that from any player, that they want the ball. Trent is a big part of what we do. As you know, the games are all different. It depends on how things happen during the course of those games. What we want to do is be able to sustain some drives and convert on third downs and give a lot of guys opportunities.”

On holding Richardson back in future games: “No, not at all.”

On if DL Billy Winn will start against Baltimore: “If Rubin is not able to go, Billy will start.”

On how he felt Winn played last week: “I thought he played very well last week. Obviously the (leg) cramps took him out later in the game.”

On if Mingo will play on special teams against Baltimore: “He’ll be available for special teams as well.”

On if Baltimore will double-team TE Jordan Cameron: “They may. That’s where we have to have other guys step up. Hopefully we can give them enough balance and different things that we can keep them off balance.”

On quarterbacks starting in their first NFL season: “I think it has evolved over the course of the last few years. You get a guy in there and you let him go play and get reps to get better because that’s the only way they can get better, as opposed to how it’s been in the past. I had been around where you let a guy sit for two or three years.”    

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