Chudzinski press conf. transcript - 9/16

Posted Sep 16, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Monday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “That was a disappointing loss for us. We had opportunities to win that game. Baltimore made the plays when they needed to; we didn’t when we needed to. Give them credit for that. After reviewing the tape, we have made some improvements in some areas, and obviously, we need improvements in many more areas. This is a determined team, we’ll get it right and we’ll bounce back. We’ll make the corrections, move on and get ready for Minnesota. I believe in this team. I believe that we will not accept losing, and we will get better.”

On the offense: “There are a number of areas that we need to work on from a protection standpoint, a passing game standpoint and consistency and efficiency. It starts with getting the plays in, getting them called and getting them run on time. Then we’ll work through those other areas. We’re working hard on that. We’ll work hard on that and we’ll get that fixed.”

On QB Brandon Weeden’s right, throwing thumb: “Brandon has a sprained thumb. We’ll see how it responds in the next couple of days.”

On Weeden’s status: “I think the next couple of days will give us a good indication on that.”

On three delay-of-game penalties at Baltimore: “Some of that is coaching, some of that is the players and some of it, we had some technical issues with the headsets, so a little bit from the substitution standpoint. We had a number of different things; we have to get them fixed. We’re going to streamline the process a little bit and that should help. You’re playing in a noisy environment in that type of situation right there. Sometimes those happen, but there is no excuse for them and we’ll get them fixed.”

More on Weeden’s status: “Just in the next couple of days, we’ll see. It’s the next morning. You don’t always get an indication on how quickly guys start feeling better.”

On if Weeden will practice this week: “Yeah, we will wait and see on Wednesday.”

On if QB Jason Campbell may start if Weeden cannot play: “I’m going to keep all of our options open right now. Obviously we have two options in Jason and (QB) Brian (Hoyer) both.”

On the offensive line’s performance: “Part of it is we’re playing some good defensive lines and some guys that can rush the passer. From a protection standpoint, that’s an issue. The guys, as well, are outstanding defenses against the run. It’s been very challenging games for our line. We just need to get better and keep grinding. Like I mentioned, there is some improvement and some signs that we’re going in the right direction. We just have to continue to improve.”

On protecting Weeden in obvious passing situations: “Try to stay out of those obvious passing situations, number one. We’ve had a good plan. I think we can continue to work on that to give those guys some help in those areas. Then they have to improve and get better from a technique standpoint and be able to produce and get it done.”

On WR Greg Little’s reported traffic violation: “I am aware of that situation. I have addressed it with him briefly. I’ll talk with him later on this afternoon when they’re done with meetings.”

On Little’s performance: “He’s had some opportunities to make plays. He’s the first one that says it himself that he needs to make those plays. We need some of those. Those are critical times of the game. A theme that we talked about today with the guys is we’ve had two games where we’ve been up at halftime, in both of those games. In the second half, obviously, we end up losing the second half and losing the game. There’s some key times in the second half where we have to make plays.”

On Little’s efforts and ability to improve catching passes while defended: “I’ve seen guys improve. From his standpoint, it’s not for the lack of working at it and work ethic. He’s doing those things. It’s a matter of getting it done in the game situation and gaining the confidence in himself and doing it. You keep working at it, you keep working at it, you keep working at it, and finally you break through. That’s my experience with guys, not just at that position but at all positions.”

On the officials upholding their fourth-down ruling after the challenge: “You’ve looked at it, you’ve seen it. They didn’t call it. That’s all that matters.”

More on the officials upholding the ruling on the field: “I talked to them on the sidelines about it and they didn’t call it. So it’s really all that matters.”

On if Little’s confidence and focus are affecting his performance: “It’s hard to say. Again, he’s working at it. He has to gain the confidence in himself. He’s good enough to do it, he’s proven he’s done it and he has to believe in himself to get it done.”

On disciplining Little for the off-field occurrence: “Any of those things, I’m going to keep in-house.”

On if the offense has enough playmakers: “I believe we do. We just have to be more consistent in all areas. Some of the things we’re talking about here, the plays are there, there’s opportunities. Sometimes it takes a little longer to gel and get guys together and have that kind of continuity. Once they get it though, sometimes it just happens like that and it all comes together. We just have to keep working at it, and it will come.”

On difficulties converting on third down: “It’s a little bit of a number of things. The usual type of issues that you have, it’s not always just one thing. We have to make sure that we’re giving those guys the best opportunity from a protection standpoint, from a route standpoint, finding the best match ups that we can and then executing the plays, whether it’s the read, the throw or the catches.”

On if QB Brian Hoyer may start if Weeden cannot play: “Like I said, I’m going to leave both of those options open.”

On Baltimore converting second-half third downs: “They did a really good job on third down. We were playing zone on those third downs. We just have to do a better job of spacing in our zones. We should have had some guys in the spots where they ended up making plays. We’ll get better at that.”

On WR Josh Gordon’s return to the active roster helping the offense: “Josh will help, but we need to improve in other areas as well. Really, that’s my focal point: making sure we’re improving in those other areas. I know that our offensive staff is working on that, as well.”

On anticipating offensive challenges without Gordon: “I didn’t necessarily anticipate it. It’s always a possibility. Again, my experiences with offenses, it takes a little bit longer to come together; but once the guys get it, it gets established: their roles, their understanding of what we’re trying to get done. Then it’s a matter of confidence. You make a few plays here and there and then things start rolling. That’s what happens. Hopefully, we’ll get to that point quickly.”

On talking to Gordon today: “I just saw him briefly before the team meeting.”

On Gordon’s mindset: “His frame of mind has been really good. He’s been involved in our meetings and here for all of those things, participating. I know that he has been doing some community work as well for the last two weeks which says a lot about where he’s at and his maturity level and looking forward, obviously, to having him back on the field.”

On if it was a bad spot on the challenged call: “It’s hard to say. Truthfully, we didn’t get a replay at all on that to even see. I challenged without having seen a replay at all. It was so close. It’s tough to get those overturned unless there’s a clear shot right down the sideline of right on the spot of the ball. Just looking at it, I thought that Jordan (Cameron) had gotten over the line, but where the ball was placed was where the ball was placed.”

On if Weeden’s third-quarter pass attempt to FB Chris Ogbonnaya should have been caught or thrown better: “It was a combination of both. Both of those guys readily admitted that. Brandon had to avoid [pressure]. There was a little push in the pocket that he had to avoid and get the ball out quickly, which led Obi (Ogbonnaya) a little bit farther up the field than what you would have liked. Obi stretched out, it hit his hands or his fingertips so he had an opportunity as well. But those are the types of plays where you have to make them in the second half and in critical situations to win football games. Obviously, we didn’t do that yesterday.”

On improving upon mistakes: “Hopefully we are. I think we’ve made progress in a lot of areas with a lot of guys in that. You just have to keep chipping away. That’s just my experience. Guys get it. Guys that have ability, guys that have character, guys that want to be great get that. Eventually they do.”

On RB Trent Richardson’s longest carry going for nine yards: “We’re playing a good defense: number one. Those guys are tough. I think Trent has been running extremely hard. He’s playing physical. I like where he’s at from a mindset standpoint. We just have to continue to give him touches and opportunities. Again, like everything, he’ll have a chance to break out.”

On Richardson’s vision: “I think he has good run instincts. He generally finds a hole, and if he doesn’t, he makes one a lot of times.”

On evaluating Campbell and Hoyer if Weeden cannot play: “I want to keep [the options] open. We’re really waiting on Brandon to see where he’s at and make the determination in the next few days with Brandon, and we’ll go from there.”

On his confidence in Campbell and Hoyer: “Like I said before, I’m confident in all the guys that we have. I think I mentioned that a few weeks back. We’ll put the guy out there that I feel like is going to give us the best chance on Sunday if it’s not Brandon.”

On improvements the team has made: “From a technique standpoint, I’ve seen improvement. The defensive line, the guys that we’ve gotten really stepped it up. I think our linebacker play is getting better. I see a guy like (rookie LB Barkevious) Mingo coming back and able to produce and put pass rush. I think we cleaned up some stuff in the secondary this past week and improved from the first week. I think our protection, although it still needs to be better, much better, I saw improvement in some areas in our protection. I’m seeing progress, not enough and certainly we want more, but it’s going in that direction. I believe in these guys. This locker room, the men in this locker room and their commitment level, we’re going to get this things solved and fixed.”

On injury updates: “(LB Quentin) Groves has an ankle sprain. We’ll just take him day by day and see where he’s at in the next couple of days. Nobody else.”

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