Chudzinski press conf. transcript - 9/18

Posted Sep 18, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Wednesday morning press conference.

Opening statement: “We have another tough test in Minnesota this week. It’s their home opener. We’re playing in the dome, which is a tough place to play. Offensively, they present a number of challenges. Obviously the MVP, (RB) Adrian Peterson; an offensive line that’s outstanding blocking for him; a mobile quarterback in (Christian) Ponder; and an explosive group of receivers and tight ends. Defensively, it’s another good group up front that we’re seeing. Their defensive line is outstanding, and (DE Jared) Allen and (DE Brian) Robison on the edges give us another challenge this week as far as that goes. They’re an experienced and active group linebackers, (S) Harrison Smith leads a solid secondary. Special-teams wise, (K) Blair Walsh is an All-Pro kicker, and (KR) Cordarelle Patterson is one of the top returners in the league up through this game. As I have mentioned before, or as you have found out, (QB) Brandon Weeden will be out this week. Early indications are that it is not a long-term issue. Everything has been positive up to this point. He’ll follow up with a hand specialist tomorrow. We’ll see and get a better indication later on this week on where he is going forward and his status going forward. As you know, I have named (QB) Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback for this game this week. I mentioned before, I have the utmost confidence in all three of our guys.  Each one brings something different to the table. I feel like based on our current situation where we’re at offensively, as well as getting into the game planning for Minnesota, that Brian’s strengths are the best fit for this week and that he gives us the best chance for a win.”

On Hoyer giving the Browns the best opportunity to win: “From a gameplan standpoint, I don’t want to get into too much detail of that. Where we’re at offensively now, the things that the does well fits what we need.”

On Hoyer previously taking reps with the first-team offense: “He did. We rolled those guys a lot in seven-on-seven situations and other situations where he got a lot of work with the group of receivers that he’s going to be with and throughout the course of training camp.”

On if it sends a negative message by selecting Hoyer, who was previously listed third on the depth chart: “I don’t think so. Again, I think it’s more of the fit of what we need for this particular week. There wasn’t a lot of separation between all three of those guys. As I mentioned before, I have a lot of confidence in all of them. What I want to do is give us the best chance to win and put the guy out there and put the guys out there that give us the best chance to win for this week.”

On it being his decision to start Hoyer: “Absolutely my decision.”

On QB Jason Campbell’s reaction: “Like you would expect. He is a real pro. He’s a team player. He said he’ll be ready if we need him.”

On Hoyer’s mobility: “Brian does a number of things well. Certainly, playing in Chicago, he gave us a spark there. That’s what we’re looking for is a spark.”

On adjusting the offensive to Hoyer’s strengths: “It will tie into what we need to do for Minnesota, as well.”

On if Weeden will need surgery: “I don’t know. We’ll see tomorrow with the specialist and what he says. But everything has been good. He’s making progress and improving in the last few days.”

On starting Hoyer to see his potential: “For me, it’s about who gives us the best chance to win this week.”

On Hoyer’s arm strength: “He can make every throw that you need, and there are no limitations from that standpoint.”

On Campbell not playing at Chicago in the preseason: “He got sick. He had a flu so it was a surprise.”

On if Campbell not playing at Chicago contributed to his decision this week: “No, not at all.”

On Hoyer transitioning this week: “Well we’ll get him up to speed, and that’s what we need to do to win. Brian’s a smart guy. He’s efficient and he has a way of making plays.”

On the QB depth chart when Weeden returns: “That we’ll get to. We’ll evaluate where Brandon is at and everything else week to week.”

On Weeden starting when he returns: “I’m going to leave all of the options open. It’s a matter of where he’s at from a health standpoint -- all of that plays into it -- where we’re at and how guys are playing, as well.”

On avoiding a week-by-week QB selection: “You’d like to [avoid it]. The bottom line is we want to play the guy who is going to give us the best chance to win.”

On Hoyer and improvement on the offensive line: “I’m hoping that we’re improving in all areas around Brian, whether it’s offensive line. Obviously, having (WR) Josh (Gordon) back is good and we hope it will help. We’ll continue to improve what we’re doing and tailor it to Minnesota, as well.”

On changes to the offensive line: “No, not right now. I can give you an update on the other guys. (DL Ahtyba) Rubin is going to go out so he will get some work today in practice. (OL) Shawn Lauvao is getting close. He’s going to run again today, and we’ll see where he’s at in the next couple of days from a practice standpoint.”

On LB Quentin Groves’ status: “Groves is out.”

On DB Leon McFadden: “He’s still playing catch up, and not just from a mental standpoint but from a technique standpoint. He’s made strides. Hopefully, he will continue to do that.”

On Hoyer developing through his career: “I know that he has grown a lot since he’s been here. Obviously, he’s had some time to be around some pretty good players and pretty good quarterbacks. He’s been around and he’s seen a number of things. Those experiences all tend to help a guy. Since he’s been here, he’s made tremendous improvement, as they all have. That’s why I am confident in all three of them.”

On defensive coordinator Ray Horton’s time in Arizona affecting the Browns’ decision to sign Hoyer: “Not really. Although when we acquired him, Ray knew of him and knew from a character standpoint, all those things, and he had positive things to say about him.”

On changing QBs affecting the team and locker room: “We’re 0-2 right now so we’re looking to shake things up to start winning games. Hopefully, this will give us the spark that we need.”

On scouting Hoyer during his career: “Not a lot. I hadn’t seen him a lot.”

On if it is now Hoyer’s long-term position as starter, pending his performance: “I don’t really see it as that. We’ll see how things are going, how Brandon is doing from a health standpoint, evaluate it on a weekly basis and put the guy out who is going to give us the best chance to win, whoever that is.”

On offensive difficulties the first two games: “I think that everybody played a part, whether it’s protection, making the connections, the reads or all of those things. Everybody feels like, I know in that locker room, that they can play better and that’s what we need.”

On RB Trent Richardson on third downs: “Like most NFL teams, we roll our backs and use them in different situations and have different packages for them. It’s not a matter of what Trent has to show; it’s also a matter of what (FB Chris Ogbonnaya) Obi does well and gives us in those situations.”

On Vikings RB Adrian Peterson’s performance the past two weeks: “I would be concerned about him whether he had big weeks in Week 1, Week 2 or not. You can’t say enough about him. What a great player he is, and what he has been able to do in this league is incredible.”

On changing quarterbacks in 2007 and the result contributing to his decision this week: “I don’t think it contributed. I think it’s just evidence that change could be good. It just remains to be seen how good Brian plays. I am expecting him to play well. Everything that I do and all decisions I make always revolve around us and giving us the best chance to win.”

On if WR Greg Little will still start this week: “Our starters at receiver will be Josh Gordon and Davone Bess.”

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