Chudzinski press conf. transcript - 9/9

Posted Sep 9, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Monday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “Disappointed. We didn’t get the win for the team, the organization, and for the fans. But we’re getting back to work here. We’ll teach off of this film and off of this tape. We will make the corrections and learn and we’ll move on. There’s a lot of things we can learn and improve on. There are some things we did well that we can build on. Overall, I felt that we competed hard. The guys were very resilient. As the game went on, there were ups and downs. That’s what NFL games are; ups and downs. I think our guys handled that and continued to fight through. Defensively we did a really good job of holding the line of scrimmage, especially in the run game. We were able to get off the field, for the most part, and had a number of short drives. Offensively we did move the ball at times. Obviously we have to be more consistent in that area. I thought the two minute drill at the end of the half was executed well. It took a few plays longer than I expected with the penalties and some of the things going on. But I think the guys did a great job of getting the ball in the end zone at the end of the day. Special teams, I thought our coverage units played very well. Our kicker and punter both did a nice job. Obviously some things we have to improve from this game, the turnovers and particularly the penalties. We had some penalties in critical times that brought back a touchdown in one case, and some other big plays in some other cases. We have to continue to improve in that area. We had some mental mistakes and some communication errors that hurt us at times as well. Third down is something we need to focus on and get better at. Our pass protection needs to improve. We talked a little bit about that last night. We have to have a sense to make the plays at the critical times that are either going to extend our drives offensively or stop drives defensively. At the end of the day, this is the NFL. There are a handful of plays that can affect the game. As we went through the tape, there were some plays that if we are able to make and do a better job, then we’ll have a much better chance of winning the game. Again, this is one game. We have a lot of football left to play. These guys will learn from it as we’re going through the process this afternoon. We’ll get better and I’m looking forward to this next week.”

On why RB Trent Richardson had so few touches: “It was just the course of the game. Trent is a critical part of our offense. We want to give him the ball as much as we can. I thought in the first half we had a pretty good mix going there into the third quarter. We had a lot of two-minute situations yesterday, at the end of the half and then obviously as we got into the fourth quarter there. The real key is on third downs; we have to convert on third downs. We’ll get plenty of opportunities to get the ball to Trent as well.”

On abandoning the run: “You can always second-guess everything when you don’t win. Again, I think we had some things that we liked and some of them came up and some of them didn’t quite as well. But they (Miami) tightened up a little bit against the run as we got into the third quarter as well.”

On biggest issues on third down offensively: “A little bit of everything. We were in long third-down situations and that makes it tough. You take a negative play on first or second down or some of those types of things and you end up in a tough situation to convert. You see some of the protection issues showed up as well, and some mental mistakes as well.”

On getting Richardson on the field on third downs: “We can. We want to make sure that he stays fresh as well and that’s part of the plan.”

On how to handle blocking issues: “There are some scheme things that we can do, and we will do. It’s a matter of execution, whether it’s chips and things we had planned and we just didn’t execute it well enough. We’ll get those things straightened out.”

On Oniel Cousins’ pass protection: “His pass protection was OK. The penalties we have to eliminate. Again, Oniel has worked and improved and we need to have him continue to improve.”

On potentially replacing Cousins with rookie OL Garrett Gilkey: “Oniel has gotten the majority of the reps. It’s important that the guy getting the most reps gives you the best chance.”

On if he is confident in Cousins: “I’m confident he’ll improve.”

On injuries from the game: “(DB) T.J. Ward missed a series. He had a shoulder injury. We’ll get him treatment and see how he is on Wednesday. (DL) Billy Winn had cramps. And then we had some other nicks. Nothing major.”

On DL Ahtyba Rubin’s injury status: “Same thing. We’ll see on Wednesday. We’ll get him treatment over the course of the next couple of days.”

On pressure on QB Brandon Weeden: “The protection issues were there. That’s something that you have to contend with. I thought Brandon had some ups and downs. There were some throws and some reads that he would like to have back. But the one thing you saw yesterday was what I talked about: Resiliency. You saw his resiliency and his toughness. If anybody had questions about that prior to this game, you look at the game, and he’s pretty tough and kept bouncing back and coming back.”

On if Weeden is injured: “He’s fine. He might have a few bruises.”

On wide receivers being efficient in the game: “You always want to be a little bit more detailed in some of the things and finishing in the depths and all of those types of things. That’ll come. You hope it comes and it will come. We just were a little bit off, if you look at it. Whether it was a throw being a little bit off and not making the catch, whether it was the route a little bit off, whether it was catching. We had a couple of times where the guys were in the open field and stumbled. Those are all things where as we get better, those things will get smoother. You get more yards out of those plays and that makes a difference.”

On how the cornerbacks performed: “Those guys have improved. They’re going to be tested. We all know they are going to be tested. I’m confident that they will step up.”

On WR Greg Little’s performance: “Greg has worked extremely hard on catching. There is nobody that works harder. He’s on the jugs machine and all of those things. A couple of those were high; they were tough catches. But Greg has set high standards for himself to catch those.”

On Weeden throws being too fast after multiple deflected passes: “He can take a little bit off of that in those situations.”

On Weeden having a longer leash in terms of learning the system: “I don’t look at it as a leash. These guys are developing players. They’re learning how to play and how to play in the system. I expect us to keep getting better and improving. That’s really what the message is about today with these guys. Let’s take what happened yesterday and use it as a positive and then put it past us. When they walk out of this building in an hour or so, then we’re on to Baltimore.”

On if he feels an NFL quarterback elevates other players’ potential: “Well, I think that happens naturally as a guy gets better and better and more experienced. He’s the focal point typically in the offense and that happens.”

On if Weeden has the ability to elevate other players’ potential: “Yeah. I think he has improved and he has shown that to this point. Ultimately it has to happen out on the field and in the performance. We all have to be good around the quarterback. That’s the key to success.”

On OL Shawn Lauvao’s injury update: “We’ll keep getting him treatment and we’ll see on Wednesday where he is at.”

On picking up a new offensive lineman, or whether the answer is ‘in the room’: “We’re always looking, but from a coaching standpoint, I’m always a believer in ‘The answer’s in the room.”

On the screen pass to Richardson that could’ve gone for a touchdown: “That was one of the plays I was talking about. If you look at the game, there’s a few plays that could go either way. That was going to be a big play. It was a good call. They had the perfect defense for us to execute it. We just need to sink back and if Brandon just had a little bit more time to get a little better ball to Trent and give him a chance to catch it, we were off to the races.”

On if pressure caused the poor screen pass: “A little bit. Sometimes screens, the running back gets caught up with the lineman and it doesn’t come out exactly clean. That was a little bit of the issue there.”

On if the slant pass to WR Travis Benjamin would have been effective: “If we get that one, then we get the first down and the drive goes on. There’s a number of those things that I talked about with the guys on the team and showed them some of the things. ‘Hey, we can get off the field if we do a better job of communicating here on defense,’ or if we’re just doing what we need to do from an execution standpoint offensively, we keep a drive going.”

On keeping players motivated even after the loss: “This is a new time and this is a new team. Anything else is just noise out there. The guys just have to focus on what we’re trying to get done and what we’re doing right now. We’ll get better.”

On DL Desmond Bryant: “I thought he had a really strong game. He applied pressure to the quarterback. I think he had two sacks. He did a great job on the run. I was very pleased with how he did.”

On if he was worried Bryant wouldn’t be able to play due to injury: “One of these days you guys are going to believe me. No, he just had back spasms and it’s something we had to work through. I didn’t think it was going to be any long-term thing.”

On LB Barkevious Mingo injury update: “He’s in that same pool. We’ll see on Wednesday. Again, I like the progress that’s happening with him. As soon as the doctors clear him, we’ll get him out there.”

On having a non-traditional fullback: “We have some young tight ends right now that we have to get up to speed quickly. But they have some promise. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do as well.”

On Keavon Milton: “Obviously a different type of guy, more of a blocker-type tight end. So there is some things that you do with that type of guy that you would do with a traditional fullback.”

On OL Mitchell Schwartz and utilizing chips in the pass protection: “There were some times where we had some chips and we should have chipped in that game.”

On how Schwartz can improve: “Just keep working. Keep working on his techniques, stay true to his technique. He’s going to get better and we’re going to help him.”

On looking forward to getting WR Josh Gordon back: “I’m just looking at this next game and we’re not going to have him for this next game. We’re going to use the guys that we have and we’ll be better at the end of the day.”

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