Chudzinski press conf. transcript - Dec. 6

Posted Dec 6, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Friday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “I’ll give you an injury update to start out with. (QB) Jason Campbell has been cleared to play the game. He’s had a good two days of practice, been very sharp, and he’ll be our starter for this weekend. We’ll discuss as a staff this afternoon as far as the backup situation, and we’ll let you know on Sunday as far as that goes.

“We have a proud group of competitive guys. They’re excited about going up to Foxborough, this opportunity that we have. We’ve had spirited practices, and the guys have really had a lot of energy this week. There’s been a real good sense of urgency and fire that I’ve seen from this team. We want to win, we’ve worked hard to prepare and we’re excited about this challenge and opportunity that we have this weekend.”

On being excited to have Campbell start: “We’re excited about that obviously and getting two days in and, as I mentioned, he’s very sharp in those two days of practice. We’re looking forward to getting him back out on the field.”

On if Campbell starting has given the team a lift: “I’ve really been impressed with the team all week long. The type of guy Jason is and the leadership that he brings certainly gives us a boost, as well.”

On any sense of nervousness starting Campbell after recently being cleared from a concussion: “You go with the doctors. I feel confident in them, and that’s the first thing. As I mentioned, it was important that he’s been here. On Wednesday, he was able to walk through and do the things. He’s been in the meetings, and then to go out on the practice field and be as sharp as he’s been is important. I have all of the confidence in the world in Jason.”

On if he had three packages for the game on Sunday, one for each quarterback: “At least three [laughter]. We’ve had multiple, but again, the situation was what it was. We’re getting ready to play; press on; whatever happens during the course of the game, we have to be ready for. That’s part of this league and dealing with injuries.”

On how impressed he’s been with Campbell’s play: “Jason really has been a big part of a number of the games, some big wins and making a lot of plays for us. His leadership, as I’ve mentioned many times, is critical with a group of young guys that he’s playing with, helping mold them and bring them along, as well. A lot of the things, the intangibles that you can’t see all the time, he’s brought.”

On if he didn’t anticipate protection would become an issue before the season: “You go into every season with the thought of anything can happen. I think at times, the protection wasn’t what we’d like it to be. I do feel like it’s improved. We’ve played solid in that area at times. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any break downs that are going to happen. That’s always going to happen, and we try to minimize those breakdowns and get better. That’s what we’re set on doing.”

On protection and quarterbacks sustaining concussions in back-to-back weeks: “You have to look at when those happen and when the injuries are happening, whether they’re on scrambles, whether they’re on breakdowns from whoever the quarterback or from the offensive line is. It’s not always just the protection or one person that you can point to in that regard.”

On if he ever found out when QB Brandon Weeden got concussed: “I have not. I don’t know.”

On if the high number of sacks in the league will prompt other teams to carry another quarterback on the roster: “I think it’s part of the game. It’s part of the cycles of the game. I think that’s the type of thing you evaluate at the end of the season.”

On Campbell’s motivation to get healthy, start and bounce back from his last two starts: “Very motivated. All along the way, I had no doubts that Jason wanted to get back as soon as possible. As I mentioned, he’s very highly respected with the team. He cares about the guys on the team, and I know he wants to do whatever he can to help and was able to get back and as I mentioned, have a real productive week.”

On if he knows who will be the backup quarterback: “We’ll talk later on today about that and then you’ll find out on Sunday.”

On if Weeden’s knee, listed on the injury report, is serious: “No. He’s fine.”

On who would start if Campbell was not cleared to play: “That’s kind of hypothetical right now. We’re going to talk a little more, and I think some of the backup question may help answer that. I think both of those guys (QB Caleb Hanie and QB Alex Tanney) did a real nice job for, again, the short amount of time that they had to prepare. We would have had one of them ready or both of them ready.”

On possibly keeping three quarterbacks active on Sunday: “It’s something we’ll look, at and we’ll make that determination for Sunday.”

On Campbell’s ribs: “He’s fine as far as that goes.”

On elaborating on Campbell’s sharp week of practice: “Decisions, getting the ball out, it looked like he hasn’t missed a beat at all from the few weeks that he’s been out.”

On who will start in place of DL Desmond Bryant: “We’ll roll a number of guys there: (DL) Billy Winn, (DL) John Hughes, (DL) Armonty Bryant. We’ve been rolling those guys a lot as the season’s gone on. Depending on the situation or packages, we’ll have different ones of those guys in there.”

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