Chudzinski press conf. transcript - Nov. 1

Posted Nov 1, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Friday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “We had a great week of preparation, a very focused, high energy for this week. We know we have a tremendous challenge in Baltimore coming into our house at home coming off of a bye week. Our guys are excited to play this game, and we’re ready to roll. We know the fans will be excited, as well, and be out there. We’ll need them to be there.”

On if he called players out at halftime against Kansas City: “No, really it was a matter of telling guys to step up, and we needed them to do their job. That’s really the gist of the message from last week at halftime.”

On DB Joe Haden’s comment coaches were animated at halftime and needing to light a fire under the team: “It was a time that we needed that.”

On fixing the number of penalties: “You look at them each individually of what type of penalties they are. There’s playing penalties; there’s dead-ball type penalties, where those are very correctible and things we need to correct. Some are related to being on the road. Some are being young. Some are just a lack of execution. We look at all of them, and those are things that we’ve addressed with the guys and really coach them hard on. We expect improvement in those areas.”

On why there have been a low number of rush attempts: “I think that if you look at different parts in the season, there’s different reasons for that. I think that overall I feel we’re making strides in the run game. We’re getting better. The guys are zeroing in and understand each other, the runner, the coordination with the offensive line. We’ve got some guys back so I feel like we’re going in the right direction in that area.”

On reasons that QB Jason Campbell can progress from his first start this season to his second: “Just his week of preparation, watching him, he’s a veteran guy and I think that just the little things: the little communications, the chemistry. Some of those things I think we’ll see [in] some games from that standpoint. Ultimately, we have to go down the field and produce.”

On the magnitude and opportunity of this division game: “As I’ve said before, every week is a great opportunity, and they all count the same. This is a division game, which magnifies the importance of it. We’ll be ready for it, and we’re excited for it. Again, I feel like we’re progressing. We’ve gotten better as the season has gone on. This is a great team that we’re playing, and it will be a great test and challenge for us.”

On if Cincinnati losing to Miami last night adds drama to Sunday’s division game and the AFC North standings: “We don’t really look around at what’s going on around us. We’re very focused on ourselves and what we do.”

On getting receivers more involved in the game through practice, specifically WR Greg Little: “I think that it’s important that everybody’s involved. It’s important that our guys are at their best this week. We need (WR) Greg (Little) to be at his best; we need (WR) Davone (Bess) to be at his best. We need everybody to be at their best. Hopefully, a lot of guys will have opportunities, and they’ll be able to do well with those opportunities.”

On TE Gary Barnidge’s role: “I think Gary has done a good job. He kind of does all of the dirty jobs: blocking, run-blocking, pass-blocking, he’ll catch a few balls here and there. He has a good understanding of the offense and a really good understanding of the overall plan and what we’re trying to get done on plays.”

On if Barnidge’s role has evolved during the course of the season: “It’s really been the same.”

On the number of snaps Barnidge has played fluctuating: “We have been [playing] a little bit more with multiple wide receivers.”

On who will return punts: “We have a combination of Bess and (WR) Armanti Edwards that both of those guys will be ready, and we can utilize them both.”

On enjoying watching a matchup like OL Joe Thomas and Ravens LB Terrell Suggs and evaluating Thomas’ season: “I’ll start with the second question. I think Joe is having a great year. From the start, he’s played very well. Obviously, this is a big test and challenge for him and those guys have seen each other a lot through the course of the years. It’s something I’d love to watch. I’ve got a few other things going on. I can catch back up after the game is over, but it’ll be important again that Joe plays well against a great player.”

On the holding calls on Thomas against Kansas City that were submitted to the NFL: “I can’t talk specifically about those. We use that information to coach our guys. Sometimes they agree; sometimes they disagree, but we have a chance to address it with our guys.”

On if it makes him angry that officials called a penalty late in the game on a player of Thomas’ caliber: “Those things happen. We can’t control [them]. We can only control so much. We can only control the things we do. Penalties are going to get called; they’re part of the game. Certainly, the timing was tough in that case, but Joe is a great player and he’ll make adjustments as he needs to.”

On if it is a league rule to not discuss details on reviewed penalties: “That’s the understanding.”

On if the league has become more open to discussing penalty calls, specifically in reference to last night’s Miami-Cincinnati game: “Those are good questions to ask (NFL vice president of officiating) Dean (Blandino).”

On DL Billy Winn’s and LB Quentin Groves’ status, and if he expects them to play Sunday: “Both Billy and Quentin are listed as questionable. They did better in practice this week as compared to last week. We’ll wait and see in these next two days where they’re at.”

On OL Mitchell Schwartz’s performance and what is needed from a right tackle: “He’s improved a lot as the season has gone on. Again, I think the offensive line has played better and better each week, particularly in the last few weeks. (OL) Shawn Lauvao being back, I think some of the chemistry in there has really helped everybody.”

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