Chudzinski press conf. transcript - Oct. 14

Posted Oct 14, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Monday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “Disappointed, obviously, from yesterday; a tough loss for our team and our fans. The Lions are a very good football team and they beat us in all three phases yesterday. We played well in spurts. Our main goal right now going forward is to be more consistent. It’s never just about one play or person to assign blame. We all can be better and there are many correctable points and things that we can grow from going forward with our players as we make the corrections. This was one game, as I mentioned yesterday. We’re 3-3 and we can only control the things that we can control going forward. Green Bay on the road is going to be a heck of a challenge for us and we’ll be excited for playing them when that comes around.”

On contemplating a change at quarterback: “No.”

On why he is not contemplating a change at quarterback: “This was one game. I thought that (QB) Brandon (Weeden) played well in spurts, and at times he made a couple of critical mistakes.”

On being concerned about losing the lead in the fourth quarter: “That’s a lot of different reasons and a lot of different things that happened. It’s not just one guy, so there’s some things we need to fix. Obviously we talked a lot yesterday about us coming out in the second half and playing better. I think the energy is there. The emotion is there. We just have to come out and execute better in the early parts of the third quarter.”

On ways to help Weeden going forward: “It’s a combination. Anytime you talk about offense there’s a lot of different people and moving parts involved.  It takes 11 guys to be successful. We’re playing well at times and at times we’re not playing so well. When you look at it, Brandon’s doing some good things. It’s really just a matter of cutting out the critical mistakes.”

On why Weeden struggles in the second half: “It’s the thing you look at from a coaching standpoint. You’re trying to put your finger on that. It really just boils down to those critical decisions and mistakes that he made yesterday. I know he wants them back and would like to have them back. But there’s also mistakes from other guys, too. At times we didn‘t have anybody open and he’s trying to find somebody. At times we made some mental mistakes, whether it was in the run game or the protections or routes or whatever they are. Obviously the quarterback is the guy that everybody sees and that’s part of the job. But we all have to get better and play more consistently overall.”

On if teams are paying more attention to TE Jordan Cameron: “Every game is different. What’s there in different games can be different and how the plays that come up and the coverage that comes up when those plays are called. Obviously Jordan is going to take people by surprise so people are paying more attention to him.”

On running the ball five times in the second half: “We were three runs, three passes during the first three series we came out. The fourth series we got the intentional grounding penalty after the first play. I think you have to look at it from that standpoint on run downs and run opportunities. What’s the breakdown? What’s the balance?”

On if there is something blocking QB Jason Campbell from starting: “No, there’s nothing blocking that. I feel good about Jason. Going back, this has been one game. I thought Brandon played well and did a lot of things to make plays to beat Buffalo in that game (Oct. 3). This was one game and, again, we have to just work on those critical errors.”

On whether challenging the Greg Little reception was the right call: “I think that it was a call that if it was ruled the other way it probably would have stayed and wouldn’t have been overturned. I could only go by what I saw at that particular time on the field. I had a pretty good look at it. I thought it was (in bounds), but obviously they didn’t have enough evidence to overturn it.”

On if Weeden is losing the confidence of the players around him: “No, I don’t see that at all. He was trying to get rid of the ball as best he could. At that position you see it across the league. Guys make mistakes and they’re going to throw interceptions and things like that. It’s a matter of being smart with the football and you have to take care of the football.”

On reaction to Weeden’s fourth-quarter interception: “We don’t ever want to flip the ball like that. When you do that and you’re pitching or something underhand, it has a tendency of going up on you and rising on you. Obviously you don’t want to do it in that manner. You want to throw the ball out of bounds or take the sack if you have to.”

On if Weeden threw the ball away or fumbled late in the fourth quarter: “It was a fumble.”

On if he is making the right halftime adjustments: “There’s really not a lot of adjustments. You do things as the game goes on so some of that’s overrated in terms of what you’re doing there. You put a plan together and then you talk to the guys about going forward what you need to do. We’re looking hard at that with what we’re going to do at halftime and if there is some things procedurally that we may change. Again, the guys are coming out, the energy is good; their focus is good. They know what they need to get done. It’s a matter of just executing.”

On if there was a discussion of a quarterback change: “No.”

On if there is any chance of bringing on a third quarterback: “We’re constantly looking at all of those options. We picked up (WR) Charles Johnson, who we evaluated coming out from college, and felt like getting the best player available was the right thing to do at this time.”

On if Detroit receivers found good matchups on the defense to accumulate bigger plays: “They’re a tough team to defend. They have a lot of guys that can make plays; I think you saw it yesterday. If they get you one-on-one, there’s enough different guys that they don’t have to rely on. As I mentioned it yesterday (RB) Reggie Bush is a difference-maker, (WR) Calvin Johnson is a difference-maker. You see (TE Brandon) Pettigrew making plays (TE Joseph) Fauria came in and made plays and (RB Joique) Bell came and made some runs. So they really stress you in a lot of different ways. They made the plays when they had the opportunities.”

On LB Paul Kruger’s performance so far: “One of the things that was key was they were able to protect against us yesterday and we didn’t get the kind of pressure that we would’ve wanted. (QB Matthew) Stafford did a great job of distributing the ball and getting the ball out quickly, so hats off to him in that regard.”

On if one sack is enough for Kruger: “Well, you obviously want more. Hopefully we’ll get (LB) Jabaal (Sheard) back this week. I think we’ll get a little more of a rotation where guys aren’t having to play so many plays. That’ll help.”

On where he thinks Weeden is as a player through his first 18 starts: “Looking back there has been improvement in growth in his game. I go back to the Buffalo game where he made plays and was a big part of us winning that game. This game you look at the first half and he played well and made some key plays again to help us; he had no turnovers. What we have to do is work with him to eliminate the critical mistakes.”

On what LB Craig Robertson can do to put the Detroit game behind him: “Just like all of us, you learn from what you did and correct the mistakes. This is a new week and once this day is over and we’re done looking at the tape, we’re moving on and it’s going to be about Green Bay. You have to do that as a player and you have to do that as a coach. If you let things dwell or carry it with you you’re never going to get better.”

On if it is more difficult for a young player to put the game behind him: “I don’t think it’s really about being young or experience. It’s more about the individual. Craig stood up yesterday; you see what kind of guy he is. I think he’s really, really improved as a player and I think he’ll get better from the experience.”

On considering adopting the ‘Marty-ball’ philosophy, primarily running the ball: “I think that what we really need to do is stay the course from a philosophy-strategic standpoint. The run and the pass really go hand-in-hand of where we’re at right now and I think we’re improving in the running game. Just to ditch the passing game and go 100 percent run, I don’t think it will be in our best interest. I think that we need to continue to get better in both, whether it’s Brandon, whether it’s the offensive line. I thought our offensive line really responded and played their best game yesterday. I think that we’re improving in running. They go hand-in-hand. You can’t do just one thing in this league.”

On breaking down Weeden having to throw the ball away or potentially making a bad decision: “Well, it can still be pressure. It can still be a mental mistake. It can still be some of those things. I just thought our offensive line played their most physical game with a big challenge that they had going into the game. They came up and they responded in that way. Now, it wasn’t perfect. There’s definitely some things we have to improve and fix from that game up front. It’s not just offensive line, it’s not just receivers, it’s not just quarterback; it’s everybody working together. You see at times that happening the way you’d like it to happen, other times not so much. We just have to keep working to improve.”

On the roughing-the-passer penalty called on LB Quentin Groves in the fourth quarter: “We send in a number of plays each week to get clarification and we’ll do that. What was explained to me was that he drove him into the ground. That was the explanation I got on the sideline. So he can’t do that.”

On if he thought Weeden was trying to throw the ball away or trying to make a play in the fourth quarter: “I can only go by what he (Weeden) said.”

On what he personally thought Weeden was trying to do: “It’s that split second when a guy has a decision to make. It just seemed like he was trying to throw it out of bounds.”

On the intentional grounding call made in the fourth quarter: “He needed to be outside of the pocket.”

On whether all the talk of Weeden needing to release the ball quicker led to the interceptions and grounding call: “I think he was trying to preserve the play so we didn’t take a negative play and a sack. Obviously you just have to get a little bit further outside there or throw it at the ground at somebody.”

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