Chudzinski press conf. transcript - Oct. 21

Posted Oct 21, 2013

The transcript of Cleveland Browns coach Rob Chudzinski's Monday afternoon press conference.

Opening statement: “Thanks for making it back in short time. You probably haven’t gotten much sleep, like me. I appreciate you being here. It was a tough loss to a very good football team. I give Green Bay a lot of credit. Simply, we did not play well enough. We did not execute, and we didn’t make the plays we needed to, and Green Bay was able to do that. We review the tape after the game, and we look at all the aspects of the game: first of all, starting with the coaches, what we or I can do better in trying to get our guys coached up for them to be able to perform better; secondly, how our players can perform better themselves. We’ll meet with them this afternoon and talk about that in detail with them. It’s a process that we want to improve on. I feel like I’m confident that the mistakes and some of the things that we did wrong yesterday are the types of things that we can improve on. We had 12 penalties, and that’s not acceptable. We’ll get better at that in eliminating those. There were a number of mental mistakes and breakdowns in some key plays that we weren’t able to execute on. Then, just making plays; [there were] some missed opportunities, some things that make a difference in the game, whether it’s a catch, whether it’s a sack and being close to those but not making the play. We need to get better at that. The last thing, I think that we’ve had some good practices and some good preparation in being able to, for our team, carry that from the practice field to the game that we weren’t able to do this past week. Those are all things we feel like we can improve on. Everything, as I mentioned last night, is still out there for us. [We have] another big challenge and opportunity for us to play this weekend against Kansas City.”

On if there will be a quarterback change: “I’ll stick with our process that we’ve had throughout, basically right now and up to this point, is about evaluating this last game. We’ll talk as a staff later on this afternoon. We’ll basically put the guys at all positions who’ll give us the best opportunity  to win.”

On at least considering a change at quarterback: “At all positions, we’re considering and looking at that. Typically, that’s what we do every week.”

On not being ready to name QB Brandon Weeden the starting quarterback: “Right, we’re going to look at it and talk this afternoon.”

On dropped passes: “I think yesterday may be different than some of the other games you’re talking about. The conditions were tougher yesterday. That’s no excuse; we need to catch them. Green Bay was able to catch them, and we have to make those plays. We have to have a mentality where it doesn’t matter what the conditions are, it doesn’t matter what the situations is, it doesn’t matter how tough of a catch it is, that we’re going to make that play.”

On the mental state of the team, particularly the offense, and signs of disappointment: “I would hope that they’re disappointed; we lost the game. There’s nothing wrong from that standpoint. I know that this group is a mentally-tough, resilient group. I think they’ve shown that. This is another opportunity for us to display that and bounce back like they have before and like I expect them to.”

On if the penalty on DB Tashaun Gipson will get reviewed by the NFL and if he could have challenged the play: “We’ll submit that as a play for them to give us an interpretation. I talked to [the officials] on the sideline about the potential of whether it was a fumble or not, if that was challengeable. It is not challengeable because of the penalty called so there was no challenge opportunity there at all.”

On if league officials are overacting to player-safety concerns, particularly in respect to Gipson’s hit and a targeting call in a recent Ohio State football game: “I think they’re doing everything from their perspective to keep the game safe. From my standpoint and looking at it, I felt like he led with his shoulder. Again, we’ll submit it so we can coach our guys better and get an interpretation on it.”

On personal fouls on defenseless players or helmet-to-helmet hits being a gray area: “It is. It’s tough for those guys to make tackles, particularly when an offensive guy is moving, as well. We just have to make sure that we’re doing what we can and how we’re leading, leading with the shoulder, in this case.”

On Packers TE Jermichael Finley ducking into the hit: “We’ll submit it. We’ll get the interpretation and see what they say. Then we’ll use that in coaching our guys.”

On helmet-to-helmet hits, including one in a recent Ohio State football game: “The helmet-to-helmet things are what we’re trying to avoid.”

On if he senses the team’s confidence in Weeden is declining and if it contributes to his quarterback evaluation: “No, I think that our guys are looking at themselves, and we have plenty of places and plenty of opportunity to get better. By no means is it one guy, and it certainly wasn’t a perfect game by anybody. I don’t sense that. Those guys know and I can guarantee that we’re going to put the best guys out there and the guys that give us the best chance to win. That’s what we’ll always do.”

On how staff makes a decision on who starts, particularly at quarterback this week: “Typically, we just go through, we’ve talked about performance from this particular game. It’s just a thumbnail, a quick analysis from each position coach. We’ll talk more in depth from a personnel standpoint that we need to do ‘this’ a little more and from a scheme standpoint. All of those discussions come in, and we get a chance talk in more detail after we’ve already gone through it with the players and reviewed. Sometimes, you get things back from them and find some things out that makes you think differently on a particular play or what have you. Then we, do that and sit down and do that later on this afternoon.”

On why he would keep Weeden as the starter after the past two games: “It’s not all Brandon; that’s the first thing you have to look at as you look at the tape and see. There’s some execution errors and issues with other guys. Brandon needs to play better, but we all need to play better around him. We’ll go through that process, talking about that, and come up with the plan that gives us the best chance to win.”

On if QB Jason Campbell could provide a spark similar to QB Brian Hoyer: “It’s difficult to say. Again, we’re just looking for the guy that’s going to give us the best chance to win at all positions.”

On if he was on a staff where the quarterback has been taken out in the middle of a game: “I’d have to think about that. I can’t recall if that’s happened. It probably has along the way.”

On if former Browns QB Charlie Frye was a quarterback who was taken out in the middle of a game: “There you go.”

On a difficulty running the football contributing to Weeden’s performance: “I think that obviously can take some of the attention off of a quarterback. I think we’ve made strides in that area. I think we’re doing better in that area. It’s not where you’d like it to be, and we need to continue to make progress, but the more balance you can have obviously helps everyone involved.”

On being pleased with WR Josh Gordon’s effort, specifically on the incomplete pass in the fourth quarter: “I don’t think it was an effort thing. Josh wants to be an elite receiver in this league, and those are the types of plays that you have to find a way to make. He went up for it; he tried to body-catch it, more so than high-pointing it so those are some technique things that we can work with him on. I’ve seen him make some great catches before, and he’s going to make more from here on out.”

On if he thought Gordon was disengaged in the game: “I didn’t sense that at all.”

On if Gordon was asking to come off the field during the game: “I don’t know that he was. There was a [Packers] penalty on him for a late hit, and I know at that particular time he was shaken up. I don’t know if there were some other things that happened that were related to that or not during the course of the game.”

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