Chudzinski press conf. transcript- 4/18

Posted Apr 18, 2013

The transcript of Coach Rob Chudzinski's Thursday afternoon press conference.

Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski Press Conference 4-18-13

(Opening statement)- “I’m really pleased with what we have been able to accomplish these last three days. Putting the foundation in place and really working to get the guys to understand where we want to go in terms of a practice standpoint, getting some of our base offense, defense and special teams put in. We’re working to build that foundation and build a winning team.”

(On if they will use this camp to judge some of the players before the draft)- “Really, this was more for learning purposes – a teaching, learning camp more so than an evaluation camp. There are a lot of things that are new. Guys are kind of feeling their way through. You don’t really get the true evaluation of players and with it only being three days it’s pretty preliminary. From a draft standpoint, are boards are set and we are working through our boards. This camp really has little effect on that.”

(On if it’s tough having to evaluate without seeing the players in person too much)- “A little bit, you have a little bit of a feel for that. Obviously, you don’t have every opportunity to know the guys like you would like to know them. Hopefully, we know them well enough.”

(On if he learned anything about the players from this camp)- “You do, you learn a lot. You learn how guys learn. You learn how guys apply things. You learn how to best coach them. They are getting to know us as much as we are getting to know them and how we operate and how we do things. It’s invaluable in that way. The next step is phase two, which means we get opportunities in the classroom and out in the field – separate offense and defense. It’s more on air. We’ll be doing that for the next three weeks and then we will start OTAs after that.”

(On how much different the minicamp in June will be)- “With having put things in and really having time to work on the fundamentals that we will have a chance to work on in the next three weeks with phase two and OTAs, it will run similarly. It will be a lot more situational work from a football standpoint. Some different situations that we will go through. I would expect with the guys having a lot more time in the system under their belt, will be better and better by then.”

(On if they will have a rookie minicamp)- “We will and that will be two weeks after the draft, so in two weekends.”

(On how Greg Little and Josh Gordon fit into the offense)- “They’ve look good the past few days moving around. They are getting it. They’ve really worked at understanding. Again, we have thrown a lot at all these guys. They are big guys who can run, catch and make plays. Their attitude has been great thus far.”

(On if he prefers bigger wide receivers)- “I prefer guys that can make plays. Great receivers come in all different sizes and have all different types of skills and things they bring to the table. I’ve been lucky enough to be around a lot of different types of guys – big guys, small guys, fast guys, guys that have great feels for zones and so forth.”

(On where David Nelson fits in)- “I am looking forward to seeing David out here. He will be in the mix there. He has played primarily in the slot, so we will see how that goes when we get out here. How much he will play on the outside remains to be seen.”

(On if they have a hole on the right side at cornerback)- “No, we are working two guys. Buster (Skrine), I have been impressed with him out here and Chris Owens, both. They have done a nice job. Both those guys are extremely competitive. They are really into it. They are working at it and again, time will tell. We have a lot of work to do. That’s the overall thing I think I’ll emphasize from a team standpoint, we have a lot of work to do, but we have willing guys. The effort and focus has been outstanding. I couldn’t be more pleased with the start that we have had.”

(On if Owens and Skrine could play inside)- “Chris has played outside. Buster has played inside and outside. They both have played both, so it gives us flexibility from that standpoint.”

(On what he learned about Brandon Weeden in the last three days that he didn’t see on film)- “There is not a lot different from physical standpoint. What you are really learning about these guys and you are asking about Brandon in particularly, you are learning about them mentality. How they learn, about their desire, how eager they are to work. He has been great in terms of those things. He has already applied and I’ve seen improvement from him in these short couple days here. It’s good. As long as our focus and effort remain where it has been. I feel good about the direction that we are going.”

(On Tashaun Gipson)- “He has worked hard. We’ve been working him at the safety position. He’s a bright guy with good football instincts. I know he is very valuable on special teams and has done a great job there as well. He’s another guy who is in the mix there and we’ll see how all things play out. Once we get everything rolled out and get into pads down the road in training camp and everything else, those things will play themselves out.”

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