Cleveland Browns Daily believes staying with Browns is best for Alex Mack

Posted Apr 10, 2014

Cleveland Browns Daily believes staying with Browns is best for Alex Mack

On Wednesday’s “Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford,” co-hosts Vic Carucci and Jim Donovan, who is filling in for Nathan Zegura, discussed why staying in Cleveland would be a logical move for center Alex Mack.

Terry Pluto, from the Plain Dealer and, joined Vic and Jim to discuss the impact that Mack’s interest in the Jacksonville Jaguars has done to his image around Cleveland. Tim DeRuyter, head coach of the Fresno State Bulldogs, spoke highly of his former quarterback, Derek Carr, and the maturity level and leadership he could bring to an NFL team.

Kevin Jones, staff writer and reporter for, joined CBD with his mock draft analysis and feelings on why the Browns should draft Johnny Manziel with the fourth overall pick. Kevin’s complete mock draft analysis can be found on the new and improved

Here are some highlights:

Vic Carucci: “At the very worst, if (Mack) takes the deal from the (one-year guaranteed deal from the) Browns, he’ll become the highest paid center in the league, he’ll get the chance to see what (Mike) Pettine and (Ray) Farmer are all about, get a feel if everything is finally settling down in the organization, and reassess it in a year. As much as (Jaguars coach) Gus Bradley has done good things and generated progress with the Jaguars, there is no way that I see that program as being superior to the Browns. If I’m him, I would take the ten million dollars this year, play it out in Cleveland to see how things work with the new staff, and take a look at where the rest of the league is at next year. Alex impresses me as his own guy and is very capable of finding the right guys to help him handle the situation. But in terms of advice, what am I missing? I know we are looking at things through brown and orange glasses, but if you take a step back, I get the sense that it’s logical to just wait and see what you have in Cleveland.”

Jim Donovan: “If I were Alex Mack and his agent right now, I would take the offer here in Cleveland and then work on a new deal after one year. I would be concerned that if I took the deal from Jacksonville for a couple of reasons. One, I would be afraid that I would have to play with them, who haven’t proved themselves to be much more successful than the Browns. And, two, if the Browns matched the offer, it may not be the offer that he wanted to get overall. If he has any questions about what is going on in Cleveland, he’ll have a bird’s eye view of all that is taking place, make ten-plus million dollars, and then reevaluate the situation in a year. I just don’t understand what the hesitancy is. Maybe he is just overall disappointed that there hasn’t been a flood of offers to him? It’s easy to jump on him, but contractually, he has earned the right to be in the position he is in.”

Terry Pluto: “I think the fact that the team (Mack) flirted with was Jacksonville really hurt him. Jacksonville is the same thing as Cleveland, other than the fact that Cleveland has a better fan base. I know Baltimore was interested in him, but they couldn’t come up with a deal. Baltimore would make more sense to everyone. That’s a winning franchise. A lot of fans find it unsavory. It’s just rubbing off that he wants to get out of here and will go anywhere to leave Cleveland. I think that part of it hurts his image. …I want (the Browns) to get a quarterback somewhere in the draft, but they have to find someone, somewhere that they are going to groom to be their guy. They can’t just go on with Brian Hoyer and whatever veteran they are going to pick up. The Browns really have to get serious about that. At the same time, I also believe that you have to make sure when you are drafting at number four you are getting an impact player. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a quarterback or the best player available. The only quarterback that I like and would like to see the Browns get is Teddy Bridgewater.”

Tim DeRuyter: “(Derek Carr) is everything that a NFL owner and head coach is looking for in terms of a leader. He has all the physical attributes you are looking for. He has as live of an arm as anyone coming out, he’s extremely accurate and extremely mature. I just can’t say enough about him. If you are going to invest any kind of money in to a guy, if you are looking for the face of your franchise, Carr will do exactly what you want him to do. He’s well grounded, deep in his faith, and has a wife who is very faithful, as well. He makes great decisions, but the one area he needs to improve on, which he improved dramatically on last year compared to his sophomore year, is his pocket presence. I don’t think there is any system he can’t run. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would go to a team, figure out the system in a hurry, and be the starter on opening day. That’s the kind of player he is.”

Kevin Jones: “The Browns are a car, Pettine is the engine, they added their air bags in free agency, and now they need a driver to drive the car fast. (Johnny) Manziel is that answer. On his best day, Manziel looks like a Brett Favre. Wherever he goes, he has the ability to be a starter on opening day. I’m firm on keeping (Brian) Hoyer because you need a good backup and some competition, but if you are drafting a player in the top ten, you are banking on him being a starter. Of course there are questions about his maturity, but it’s good that it all happened and he got it out of his system in college. That was a wakeup call for him. Drafting him at four just makes so much sense to me.”

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