Clifton Geathers transcript

Posted Apr 24, 2010

The transcript of Clifton Geathers' Saturday afternoon conference call.

Browns Defensive Lineman Clifton Geathers Conference Call 4-24-10

(On coming from a football family) - “It’s a great opportunity to join my brother. My brother (Robert Geathers, Jr.) plays for the Bengals and we have to play against them. My uncle (James “Jumpy” Geathers) also played for fourteen years and my dad (Robert Geathers, Sr.) played for about seven years. It’s just a great opportunity to be able to do this.”

(On if coming from a football family helps his transition) - “Yes sir, I know a little bit but I am still a rookie. I’m still looking to learn a little bit more about the league from firsthand experience. I’m just willing to learn anything the coaches tell me.”

(On what type of NFL player his family tells him he can be) - “They tell me I could be the next Julius (Peppers) or James “Jumpy” Geathers. Just determination and be able to learn things and play better. I’ll be the best player, probably in the league, if I am able to do that.”

(On if he can play offensive tackle) - “I mean they tell me that but, you know, I’m a defensive football player and that’s what I do. I haven’t played it (offensive tackle) for many years. I’m just willing to learn and do anything they tell me to.”

(On if he is grateful that the Browns gave him a chance) - “I’m very grateful the Browns gave me a chance. With the incident happening, it was wrong place, wrong time. I’m very grateful. I learned from my mistake. I would love to move on and throw everything in the rearview mirror and just play football. Just be me, because that’s not me.”

(On his overall size) - “Well I’m 6’8”. Right now I’m weighing about 302 (lbs.), 37 and ½ inch arms, 36 inch vertical, 7’2” wingspan and I’m just able to move. I’m a freaky guy. When I learn things, I move much faster and I don’t think I’m at the top of my game yet. I think with a little coaching and a little polishing, like I said, I’ll be the best person probably in the league.”

(On whether his size can be a burden) - “It’s not that easy. It’s not that easy at all. You know there are guys on the opposite side of the ball that are the same size as you or bigger. It’s all in the mind. That’s what I learned the last five games of the season. It’s all in the mind and to be able to out think the other person, out man the other person. You just got to put everything together and you’ll be ok. I kind of dominated towards the end of the season.”

(On his confidence level) - “Yeah I am very confident about that. I think my work ethic and some oaching at this, I will be much better than what I was in college. It’s a different level. It’s a business now. I have to work every day, every single day in order to stay on the team. I think it’s going to change my whole game, it’s going to change. I’m going to be a freak.”

(On if he was always the biggest kid growing up) - “I always was the biggest kid. All the way from little league on up. When they would play little league or Pop Warner, I was too big for the sport, so I would have to wait for middle school.”

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