Coaches, players embrace Brown's return

Posted Jun 2, 2013

Coach Rob Chudzinski and running back Trent Richardson embraced the fact that Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown is back with the team.

The all-time leading rusher in Cleveland Browns history is back in the fold, and those within the organization could not be happier with his return.

When Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown returned to the team in the role of special advisor on Wednesday morning, the move was welcomed by the coaching staff and players.

“With him being back with the organization, I’m really excited about that,” said Browns coach Rob Chudzinski. “I got a chance to get to know Jim when I was here before. He’s a fantastic person, and with all the things that he’s done for the Browns, for the community and a lot of communities around the country, that says a lot about the type of person he is, and certainly, I’m excited about him being back here and being a part of the Browns.”

Trent Richardson, who broke seven rookie rushing records for the team in 2012 -- including three of Brown’s old marks for yards, 950; carries, 267, and rushing touchdowns, 11 -- called the return of Brown “an honor.”

“For him to be here, it’s an honor,” Richardson said. “It’s a big help to us, a big plus, and I’m happy to have him here. It’s an honor to be in the same building as him. That’s Jim Brown. I don’t care what people say about him, he’s always going to be a legend, and he’s always going to be that guy that I look up to and that’s always going to be an icon.”

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