Cribbs named to Top 100

Posted May 10, 2011

Two-time Pro Bowler Joshua Cribbs was named one of NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011, as voted by the players.

Despite being hampered with injuries during the 2010 season, two-time Pro Bowler Joshua Cribbs was selected by his fellow players as one of the Top 100 Players of 2011, as announced by the NFL Network last Sunday evening.

Cribbs checked in at No. 84 on the countdown, which will reach its conclusion with the announcement of No. 1 this summer.

“I was happy. Just to make the list, you’re in a league of your own,” Cribbs told the panel on the reaction show. “I’m blessed to be on that list. I have a goal now. My goal is to make it lower on that list, but I’m surprised and blessed where I am.

“Right now on NFL Network, I’m going to guarantee that I’m going to make it higher on that list because of sheer will and the motivation of the Cleveland Browns fan base is just remarkable,” he continued. “I’ve been training hard this off-season. You will see a lot out of One-Six this year.”

Cribbs was presented by Browns Coach Pat Shurmur.

“Anytime the ball is in his hands, he’s got an opportunity to score,” Shurmur said in the presentation. “Some of the things that might not be obvious to the casual observer, Josh sets himself apart. He’ll block; he’s a tough player. Anytime Josh is on the field, teams have to account for him and decide how they’re going to defend him. When he’s in the game, you can hand it to him; you can put him in as a receiver. Once he gets in the clear, he’s got the skill and ability to break a tackle or the speed to finish it in the end zone and I think that’s what makes him so dangerous.”

An undrafted free agent out of Kent State University, Cribbs has returned an NFL-record eight kickoffs for touchdowns. He has ten special teams scores to his credit after switching from quarterback to returner/wide receiver.

According to the reaction show, one of Cribbs’ teammates will join him on the Top 100 list and the seventh-year pro had a couple players in mind for that spot.

“Besides me, definitely Peyton Hillis,” Cribbs said. “You know, making the Madden cover is one thing, but just the way he battled this year, and if you’re talking about 2010 alone, this guy was a monster on the field. He ran through linebackers; he ran through DBs to score touchdowns. If you’re talking about another guy, it has to be Joe Thomas. Making the Pro Bowl every single year he’s been in the NFL, you couldn’t have a more solid guy. I know in the Draft, we’re not ever looking for a left tackle.

“My guess would be Joe Thomas, specifically because being a solid player like he is and just solidifying a goal and making it to the Pro Bowl every year he’s been in the NFL, that’s remarkable for a left tackle,” he continued. “Having no issues on that side of the line alone separates him from the rest.”

Cribbs also offered his opinion on who will be the No. 1 player on the countdown.

“I expect to see a quarterback, not just any quarterback,” he said. “When players put guys on a list, and I’m going to throw out a name, Peyton Manning, the players put guys according to the degree of difficulty in preparation. That’s why you see some guys on and some not. The amount of time it takes to prepare for a specific athlete, every year, you’ll see one or two guys the team focuses on. That’s the guy you’ll see at the top of the list. Peyton Manning, the way he controls his whole team, he takes a bunch of different guys from all different walks of life and he sets them on one accord. Not too many people can do that in the league.”

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